We love fashion, but we're concerned about its impact on the environment,

that's why we preach learning how to style from your closet and thrifting!

Aside from being time-consuming, finding quality secondhand apparel can be a lot like searching for a needle in a very eclectic haystack. To make things easier, we’ve thrifted items for you! Shopping A & A allows you to enjoy some of the best, beautiful pre-loved clothes right from the comfort of your home.

the facts...

The people and communities most negatively impacted by representation in the fashion industry are those of color. According to a report conducted in 2016, just 22% of the models featured in ads in the UK and US were ethnic (black, Asian, Hispanic) while the rest (78%) were white. Designers still aren't diversifying the models they send down the runway.

Fashion is the third highest polluting industry in the world. A large amount of waste happens at both the production stage, as our clothes are made, and the consumer stage, as we throw away or overly wash our clothes.

One kilogram of cotton – equivalent to the weight of a shirt and pair of jeans – can take as much as 10,000–20,000 liters of water to produce. More specifically, it takes 7,000 liters of water to make one pair of jeans.

Only 15% of consumers recycle their used clothing.

Good news is brands are making moves towards more sustainable manufacturing. In May 2018, 12.5% of the global fashion market has pledged to make changes by 2020.



host a clothing swap by inviting your neighbors, coworkers and friends to bring over clothes they’re no longer interested in wearing and do a “swap.” this helps extends the lifecycle of the clothing.

shop wiser

find ethical and sustainable brands to support and when you do go shopping, try starting at consignment and thrift stores before buying new. if needed, downsize your wardrobe. you can even donate or sell the items you no longer need! having a minimalist wardrobe can help you focus on quality over quantity.

dress smarter

wear what you want. when you want. focus less on what’s trending and take the time to discover your own personal style and find clothes you’ll love to wear again and again.

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