The Top 3 Moisturizers I use Every Day

Something I wish I would’ve started doing earlier is moisturizing. I wish someone would’ve told me how crucial it is to my skincare and prevention of acne. If no one has ever told you about how much you NEED to moisturize, then HI, YOU NEED TO MOISTURIZE! I’ve definitely gone through my fair share of moisturizers but I’ve narrowed it down to my three favorites just for you!

1. CeraVe SA Lotion for Rough & Bumpy Skin

This is my current holy grail day time moisturizer. I immediately feel like my skin is smoother after using it and can definitely tell a difference if I don’t use it for a day or two. I’ve also tried different moisturizers from CeraVe but this is my holy-grail-all-time-favorite-will-never-use-another-day-time-moisturizer, moisturizer. (Shout out to my mom for letting me steal some from her that first time!)

2. Versed Skin Soak Rich Moisture Cream

This cream is the latest addition to my skin care routine, and honestly, one of the most vital. I found this lotion randomly at Target a few weeks back and decided to give it a go. Well, I happened upon my holy grail night time moisturizer and I just wanna thank the good lord for that little meet-cute at Target. Not only do I use it as my night time moisturizer, I’ve actually been using it as an eye cream during the day. Just a little dab’ll do ya good cause this stuff is THICK.

3. St. Ives Skin Renewing Collagen Elastin Body Lotion

I’ve been using this moisturizer for longer than I can honestly even remember. I love slathering my whole body with it after a shower and a shave. It’s not greasy at all which is honestly everything to me, I hate feeling sticky or greasy after putting on moisturizer and none of these will do that to you. Collagen Elastin in the lotion gives the skin firmness and keeps it tight, so no wrinkles for us!

I use all three of these moisturizers daily and I swear by them. They’ve actually been so life changing for my skin and it’s texture and elasticity. Okay, so to wrap up, there two things you can NEVER leave out of your skincare routine: SPF and moisturizer (sometimes you’ll get lucky and your moisturizer will have SPF in it). I will literally never leave the house or end a shower without covering myself in moisturizer. It’s kind of like leaving the house without your keys; you A N D your skin deserve better!

Glow on babes,


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