She’ll have you feeling like you’re in a permanent dream state.

The airy ethereal feel of her energy is the perfect match against an ‘I don't give a f*’ classic grunge look. Swept up curls, soft pink eyeshadow and pastel yellow nails are the backdrop for some classic 90s pairings.

We found best cobalt blue button down featuring a nature-inspired graphic in her closet. It is casual and flowy and brings this whole look back to Jess’s earthy roots. Some high waisted boyfriend fit jeans and a black leather belt are the perfect pairing for an on-trend look, a day romping around festival grounds or moshing in the pit of a dive bar venue.

This outfit is easy to throw together and calls for some accessories to really knock it out. So we found some great metal chains that add a nice shine and textural element to the outfit and really channels the tough grunge vibe we crave. And we can’t say much about these reflective shades other than yassssss.

We wouldn't be doing the 90s justice if we didn’t go for the denim-on-denim look, which Jess pulls off so effortlessly. An oversized fit vintage jacket is the ultimate thrift-shop score and gives any outfit the spirit of the best decade ever (can we please go back?).

Give it a shot and channel the 90s via 2019 using your favorite thrift shop finds and let us see what you got by tagging us! #andieandaj

photos + footage by stephanie heriveaux.

video by aj dunlap.

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