Meet Melissa. Our 89th muse.

We love fashion but we're concerned about it's impact on the environment, so if you're new to what we do, muses are where it all started for us. If everyone in the world substituted just one new clothing purchase with a used one, we could collectively reduce our carbon footprint by six billion pounds. That's why we preach learning how to style the pieces you already own and shopping secondhand.

Our idea in 2017 was to find creative ways to help others make better use of their wardrobe while giving them a little boost a n d making them feel beautiful. With that in mind, we also wanted to make sure our work mirrored our values ~ diversity. We believe in a community where every human is respected and loved for who they are. No matter their skin tone, body type, gender, or sexual orientation. Everyone matters and deserves to be celebrated. B I G shoutout to Melissa for allowing us to capture her beauty.

Till next time,

A & A

Model ~ @moonlovechild

Photographer ~ @theajdunlap

Editor ~ @laurenmion

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