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Hey hey, beauty lovers!

Today, we are talking FEATURES! There is nothing more beautiful than enhancing one’s beauty. As you read along, you will be surprised to learn you are ready for GLAM DAY! I bet you are asking what in the world is GLAM DAY. Well, after you read this article, you will want to walk the red carpet looking flawless with personalized contouring!

How many times have you thrown your contour pallet to the floor because you have no idea what to do with it? Or perhaps you can’t copy your fave Youtubers makeup tutorial because you feel like you simply “suck?” We're here to help...

First of all, when contouring, you should know that your skin color and what contouring shade you need. rule of thumb is to contour with shades two to three times darker than your skin tone.


Contouring adds shadows to provide depth to your features enhancing every corner of your face.

That being said, let us focus on those areas. Here are two tips before getting started:

1. Choose the right brush size

This means, if you consider your features to be quite small, your brush should be of thin bristles to make sure you do not spread your contouring all over the place and into the wrong areas. Trust me when I say this: this tip changed my beauty life!

2. Splash some liquid primer onto your brush before blending.

This will allow the product to stay on your face while blending. It will also help blend more efficiently, and last longer. Now that we have these two tips, we are going to move forward with the right places to contour.

You should first touch the hallows of your cheeks with your fingers to make sure you are getting into the right place. Trace a vertical line starting at an inch away from the ear and downwards. Trace an invisible line from the end of your eyebrow to your jaw. Once the brush touches the invisible line, you stop.

Contour the sides of your nose carefully blending upwards. To create an even look, you should also contour your jaw and forehead. Start at the corners of your forehead and blend it downwards, as if creating a number three when connecting your forehead contour with the hallows of your cheeks, and the jaw.

two more tips:

1. Do not add a crazy amount of product; be moderate.

2. For a bronze look, choose a counter pallet under orangish tones.

A+A encourages you to study your face! YES. STUDY YOUR FACE. Touch it, trace lines and blend. and as always -- shop wiser, dress smarter, and see beauty in diversity.

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