Hey hey, beauties. Cheers to another mind blowing fashion B L O G. Today, we meet Max and share some unique tips on her 2 looks.


Choose your color! For this outfit, Max has decided to bring some color by pairing an orange top with a floral bottom. This might seem wearable only at daytime, but Max knows how to make her look work and there is no reason to fear bright colors at night. Let bright colors put you in the spotlight.


Don’t feel like going color wild? That’s okay too; Max decided to also give us a low-key option. Her t-shirt dress brings a calmer vibe and sets a different mood, but still makes a statement.


The three C's. Her low-key dress shows no signs of boredom but instead emphasizes comfort and confidence. Patterns or prints can add a sense of creativity to your style.


Play with accessories. Her strawberries are the sweetest addition and also adds a playful aesthetic to her look. Be bold and remember that style is about confidence / if you feel you can rock it, truth is -- you probably can.


As mentioned, comfy is key. In her two outfits, fabrics are vital elements. For example, even though her dress is short and tight to her body, the material is stretchy and light leaving you feeling confident about both how you look and how you feel.


Lips, eyes, and more. Her makeup is simple -- glossy lips and colorful eyelids. Her style portrays natural beauty through her “no-makeup” makeup.

CHALLENGE: Alright beauties, those were A + A's top 6 tips on Max's outfits. Remember, we LOVE when we get to see our readers play around with our suggestions. Use these tips to help you decide what to wear and how, but NEVER forget about adding your own signature. Be unique and be inspired.

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Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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