Dress 2 Impress

Style and work; would those even go together? The answer is YES, they can and we're here to help!!

This is what A + A has for you today, my beauties. After listening to some experiences and complaints about not knowing how to dress for work without losing one’s style properly, we have decided to share some tips on how you can leave a stylish first impression.

1. Ask, act.

One of the most important aspects of dressing for your job is knowing their policy. There is a significant amount of corporations with dressing codes. This should serve as a guide to understand what exactly it is that they are looking for. Surf the company's website as well as their social media to have a better idea.

2. Hide your boobs, show your legs.

Remember you represent the company you could potentially work for. Try a basic button-down while rocking a pair of closed-toe heels paired with a skirt to let your legs lead the way. This look would be classic yet respectfully daring.

3. "Pant-haters", raise your hands!

If you are just like me, you aren't a fan of pants, so my advice - go with dresses. Wearing a dress that covers a small portion of your shoulders will make you look elegant, but remember you always have options. Be creative and let your style speak for itself.

4. Boho, you too could rock a business look without saying goodbye to your unique style.

Love, I know how much you enjoy being comfy and "loose." Guess what? Linen pants are your besties. Any color would fit. To complete this outfit, add a white shirt. A moto jacket should allow you to play around with your style and still look business-appropriate. Shoes could be flowery flats to add a bit of flair to your entire look.

These four tips are simple but essential. Now every time you go to work or have an interview, you will be able to be yourself without breaking the rules for business attire. D R E S S 2 I M P R E S S Have fun! And always wear something that defines you. Look for a signature accessory that will scream your name every time somebody sees it somewhere else.

CHALLENGE: Choose two different business outfits with your style or signature accessory and share some pictures with #andieandaj. Let the world see all you've got. #dress2impress

Shop wiser. Dress smarter. See beauty in diversity!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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