Meet Judah.

We love his easy going and true-to-himself-style. Over the decades fashion has transformed from a status symbol of the elite into a form of true self expression. Sure, many people still buy from luxe designers simply for the bragging rights, but it seems like fashion speaks to us everyday people now more than ever. Even fashion houses have taken note of street style and incorporated it into their own designs (loving all the oversized Netflix-and-Chill-ready pieces this latest fall fashion week, btw). With that being said, Judah is the perfect example of how true fashion is made by ignoring the rules, staying true to your identity and doing it all with confidence and pride.

Challenge: Judah’s smile is simply contagious. We can all hope to feel that sunny everyday, but sometimes that's not always the case. If your confidence is down, or you're not feeling your best in that outfit you spent hours putting together just take a note from Judah and smile your biggest smile you got. Science says it’ll trick your brain into feeling happier. Who knows? Maybe it’ll work or you’ll just end up laughing yourself out of feeling so awkward. Either way your spirits are up and you’re back to Y O U! Now go get em’. Catch us daily @andieandaj and be sure to check back next week for some more tips!

Shop wiser. Dress smarter. See beauty in diversity.

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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