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In order to stay true to a minimalist and eco friendly wardrobe we need to cut back on the amount of trends we follow. But, this doesn’t mean we can’t refresh our wardrobe to fit our changing style! There are many ways to revamp and rework your personal style without hitting the stores and swiping your plastic. Try to keep up with the 52 fast fashion micro-seasons a year and you’ll find yourself swimming in things you hardly wear and that are no longer in trend, and your own unique aesthetic will get lost in the noise. Here’s our breakdown:


1. Find what looks best on you:

Look at the items you wear the most often. Are they high waist or cinched? Do you seem to gravitate towards A-line over pencil skirts? Do you get more compliments when you wear a certain color? Picking up on what you naturally gravitate to and what others agree looks flattering on you can sometimes be all you need in figuring out which direction to take your wardrobe. There are plenty of guides online that do the whole body shape breakdown of whether you’re an apple or banana *sigh* women are friends not food. Instead, determine your areas that you’d like your style to enhance (search: outfits for a tiny waist, larger bust, or long legs) and pick out the pieces you own that fit the recommendations you find. Our number one rule: If you try it on and it doesn’t make you smile right away probably you won’t wear it much. Time to put it in the friend swap pile.


2. Determine your style:

Always let your roots guide you in this process. When you think of home is there a certain feel or color palate that comes to mind? Do you have a dress you love because it reminds you of someone special? OrDedicate a few times a week to scour Pinterest - no more than 20 minutes (unless you really want to get sucked in) to see what's new in fashion and style. Scout for look-a-likes that speak to you, flatter your color palate and body shape, and items you might already own and make an effort to work them into your outfit routine.

vintage earrings that were your grandmother’s? It takes some trial and error but looking for inspiration in your past makes you feel more connected to what you wear and represents you through your wardrobe. But, you may want to avoid using your 8th grade scene phase as inspiration.. some things are better left in the past

j u n g l e. f e v e r.

3. Back to basics and Introducing quality items: You always want to start by finding new ways to pair your items you already have to recreate styles. When some time has passed and you've mixed and matched your wardrobe in every way, determine what you haven’t worn in a while. We recommend turning around your hangers and turning them back as you use pieces - anything that hasn’t flipped back after three months should be given to a friend or donated.

When you’ve taken the clutter out of your wardrobe look back on saved pins and find the common denominators. Consider investing in these items if you keep gravitating to them. If you're looking for a money saving way to test out different high-quality pieces try out Rent the Runway where you can introduce amazing designer pieces into your closet for a fraction of the price. Here, we'll even give you $30 off your first rental!

As a general rule for every three pieces you’ve donated add one quality essential wardrobe piece (a blazer, quality jeans, a great little black dress). As you shop, only buy items that make you smile when you try it on - a sure fire way to make sure you like it on you as much as you do on those fashion bloggers (we’re convinced they’d still look flawless wearing a paper bag).

By restyling what you have, keeping the items you love and slowly integrating classic, quality pieces that speak to your changing style you will avoid the trap of fast fashion, keep your spending on track and your closet streamlined. This way you have more time to spend doing what you love, like saving up for a big trip or ok... a double shot frappe extra whipped cream. Finding your unique go-to style is a long process but usually you don’t have to go totally AWOL on what you already own. If you try to totally remake your look in one go you’ll never be able to go back and will have a wardrobe that represents you in one moment rather than one that can grow with you over the years.

Challenge: Put aside a couple hours on your day off to try on everything in your wardrobe. Make sure you’re in a good mood, put on some music and let the sunlight in. Maybe even invite a friend for an extra opinion! As you go, keep every item that made you smile in your closet and put aside the ones that didn’t. Keep these pieces out of sight and only grab an item from the pile when you wear it. Anything left after one month should be donated or offered to a friend who smiles when she try’s it on! ~bonus points if you do this challenge with friends and you can host a clothes swap party at the end of the month!~

Shop wiser. Dress smarter. See beauty in diversity.

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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