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Goodbye 2017.

Last post of the year and before we get into it, we just want to say a final T H A N K Y O U to each and every one of our readers for hanging out with us this year! Twenty-eighteen is less than 48 hours away, and we couldn't be more excited for a brand new year of pushing our vision. With that said, ringing in the New Year usually means dress-to-impress is in full effect and like always, we got you.

Check out the T I P S below...

S P A R K L E S & S E Q U I N S

So if there is no other day in the year to twinkle in the night, then this is the perfect night to shine and not hold back! When it comes to sequins and sparkles galore, our main tip for the outfit is to take into consideration your body type and what best suits YOUR best physical features and style.

For our P E T I T E girls: consider a shorter hemline on a mini dress or a mini skirt! Doing this will accentuate your legs and will make your legs look longer! It's all about proportions and to not overwhelm the look! You can do this by adding a black blazer on top or adding a simplistic layer and by adding minimal accessories! Also, bring out the heels! Your legs will look like they go on for miles, so a wedged heel that wraps around the ankle will not only bring even more attention to those legs, but they'll be comfy for you as you dance the night away.

For our T A L L girls: don't be afraid to embrace that height of yours! If you want to opt out of a dress or skirt, sequined pants are a great alternative! And if not pants, then leggings or trouser will work just as well! So don't be afraid to bring out those heels and walk like the street is your own personal runway! If you don't want to bring out the heels, then sequined pants that are hemmed at the ankle are great for those comfy oxfords, mules, or even a pair of kicks!

For our C U R V Y girls: your curves are beautiful! If you're having a hard time finding a dress that suits your body, then a sequined sweater or blouse can do the trick for you! You can accentuate your waist and your legs by wearing a sequined jacket or sweater with a pair of form fitting skinny jeans!

For our A T H L E T I C girls: what your body is capable of doing is beautiful! Don't be afraid to show off your muscles and don't let anyone tell you that you aren't feminine enough! So girls, keep in mind to stay away from anything boxy! Go for a sequined body-con dress or even a form fitting sequined pencil skirt and then pair it with a loose spaghetti strap tank top!

(source: https://www.popsugar.com/latina/New-Year-Eve-Sparkle-Outfit-Tips-39492815)

H E L L O & G O O D B Y E

The N E W Y E A R usually means saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new, whether it be with relationships, bad habits, or ambitions/dreams, we know that this principle couldn't be more true when it comes to our closet! While doing our research, we came across this specific article that we encourage you to read because we couldn't have said it better ourselves. We know that it can be difficult to say goodbye to those pair favorite pair of jeans from high school or those favorite pair of high heels that you got on sale and have only worn one time. But truth of the matter is that your closet is clustered and the New Year is the perfect opportunity to make room for new items that have new potential for you to grow in your own sense of style for 2018. So we encourage you to mark off an entire day within the first two weeks of the new year and dedicate your mind and time to go through your entire wardrobe by: d i v i d e& c o n q u e r. In order to do this, here are s e v e n questions to ask yourself while going through the clutter:

1) Does this fit?

2) Have I worn this in the last 12 months?

3) Is it likely I will ever wear this again?

4) Is this currently in style, and/or does this still accurately represent my style?

5) If this is damaged in any way (e.g., piling, rips, stains, missing buttons, broken zippers, fading, etc.), will I actually make the effort to get this repaired in the near future?

6) If I was shopping right now, would I buy this?

7) And most importantly: Do I feel confident when I wear this?

If you've said no to any of the questions above, then it's time to say adios to the item in hand and either donate it, sell it, swap it, or toss it.

(source: http://theeverygirl.com/alicia-tenise-dc-home-tour/)

F U N D $

We think it's safe to say that majority of us fashion lovers have an inner shopaholic but with the new year ringing in, it's time for a financial makeover. Budgeting and handling with money can be quite the struggle for many of us, especially when we're trying to balance school, food, rent, and pleasure. So, here are some T I P S that can start off implementing into your daily life for this upcoming year:

Don't budget, P E R K instead. PERK is an acronym that stands for: Postpone, Eliminate, Reduce, & Keep. It takes about 15 minutes per day and it can save you from $200 up to $1,000+ per month. How do you do this? Well, you can start off by listing A L L of your expenses. Then next to each expense, you can either write P, E, R, or K. This applied, will keep your expenses organized and it will a guide in which you can prioritize properly and still leave room for treats.

Stop leaking money. Many of us tend to spend money on things we don't need. So we encourage you to take a look into your expenses and cancel those monthly subscriptions that you don't use or need.

Buying buffer zone. The goal is to give yourself some time between the moment you want something and the moment when you actually buy it. The trick here is to self-examine yourself and honestly make the conclusion as to if you actually want it because it's spur of the moment or if you actually want it to the point where you can't stop thinking about it after a week or so passes. Ultimately, many of us can be impulsive buyers, so we're trying to exercise not only self-control but self-discipline as well. Splurging isn't bad every once in a while, because let's be honest, sometimes we deserve it and self-love/care isn't a bad thing. But when too much of anything is too much, then it's time to pull in the reigns and re-evaluate our motives and actions.

Get real. Changing your life and changing your finances starts with the changing of your mind! It's not an easy thing to do but we're here to encourage you to live within your means. Try to clear your mind and conscious and think about what you really actually need in life. Our message here isn't that you shouldn’t buy the things that you want, but rather to be wiser about your spending habits. We all need help every once in a while and we all have little habits that we need to get rid of. So, let's start off the new year right! New year, new Y O U.

(source: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/conquer-your-inner-shopaholic-with-these-six-money-tips/)

And last but not least, style starts with Y O U. So when it comes to your own sense of style, be true to who you are! Whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident, will never go out of style! Continue to experiment with different patterns, textures, accessories, and shoes. It all boils down to feeling good in your own skin—your style should reflect and celebrate your life, your individuality, and personality. Own your style, be proud of it, and embrace fashion as a way to express who you are and who you want to be.

(source: http://theeverygirl.com/8-tips-to-help-you-find-your-personal-style/)

R E M E M B E R: Shop wiser. Dress smarter. See beauty in diversity.

Happy New Year,

Andie & AJ

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