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Well you guys, this is the second to last post for Andie & AJ for the year of 2017! First and foremost, we hope everyone is having a great time with family, friends, and loved ones for this holiday season! As promised last week, here's a recap of all of the fellas that have given their time to us to model for our blog! We cannot stress enough just how thankful we are to all of our models! Without you guys, we wouldn't be where we are today! So without further ado, here are all of the handsome gentleman that we've had the pleasure of styling and photographing:


Picking the right top for a pair of joggers is essential. The first question to ask yourself is: “What look am I going for (sports style, street style, etc.)?” For example, button-downs used to fall under the dressy aesthetic, however they now come in different colors, materials, and patterns.

Another factor to take into consideration is the color of your joggers. As for Josh, denim provided us with a wide array of style possibilities. The taupe was a great, clean balance for his skin tone and the material of the shirt provided a comfortable, yet sleek and slender look. Just know that fashion opportunities and styles have been pushed and re-defined so remember to be confident and start simple!


Kody enjoys a fitted look so we went with a pair of "skinniest skinnies." We also wanted to balance things out by pairing his fitted look with a looser top. FYI: you want to be careful when combining the same fits (tight top-tight bottom or loose top-loose bottom). Remember to balance your fits. Also Kody's dress shoes are your basic, black leathers with thin laces. As you can see, his laces are blue but as a tip, so don't hesitate switching things up and replacing the laces. Easy changes like, like a different color or material can change the style of your shoe and compliment your look. When purchasing dress shoes, don't hesitate trying different colors or materials!


We know that a common question/concern---how can I avoid looking bulky when I layer? In our opinion, the key is to layer with a lightweight fabric under. Doing so will keep you cool, comfortable, and chic. Another tip is to limit your layers, three is ideal but it's okay to play around with colors, patterns, and lengths! Also when it comes to the color P I N K and wearing it, fellas keep in mind in mind that in order to properly balance it in an outfit, you should: 1) stick to just one pink item, 2) pair with darker colors, and 3) keep skin tone in mind (if you're light go dark pink, if you're dark, go light).


We've got a few tips for the fellas on how to wear basketball shorts. Tip one: wear the right length. This tip is simple, find a pair that looks flattering; don't go too long and don't go too short (please, no manpris [man + capris]). Tip two: please, please, please do not tuck your shirt in. This one's important fellas; unfortunately tucking your shirt in is not ideal for an athletic wear look especially with basketball shorts. Lastly tip three: make sure they fit. Gentlemen, we do not like to see your butt part (think about it). It's unflattering and a major turn off. Do us a favor and keep the shorts fitting around your waist please. Now would be a good time to state that what we write is our opinion, so wear what makes you feel good, but be mindful.


When it comes to wearing Timbs, it’s best to pair it with a pair of slim fit jeans that are tapered because you something that is going to fall within the boot in order to properly show the boot in all of its glory. You always want the tongue of the boot to be seen as well as the laces—you don’t want to place your pants over the tongue! If there’s one boot that deserves to be seen and not covered by a pair of boot cut jeans, it’s Timbs! Another way you can stack your pants is by cuffing the bottom of the jeans or rolling them up if they’re too long.


Here are basic some tips and tricks that we found on the world wide web that you want to keep in mind if you’re planning on doing your own DIY project at home:

  1. There are many different methods that you can use to achieve that pattern that you want with the color scheme that you, but using zip ties, rubber bands, and string is the most common way to achieve the common spiral tie-dye pattern

  2. Natural fabrics such as 100% cotton shirts, rayon, or silk will retain and hold the dye better which will lead to the colors looking brighter and lasting longer

  3. You’re also going to want to pre-wash anything that you plan on dyeing to remove any dirt and for the sake of sizing. Also, if you do pre-wash, there is no need to dry because you’re going to want the material to be damp when you tie and dye

  4. When you’re doing this, whether you’re handling dye or bleach, make sure you have a pair of gloves on and that you’re doing this outside

  5. If you don’t want a specific pattern, a great way to achieve this is by using a spray bottle and spraying the fabric randomly with either bleach or dye


We chose a basic tee for this look because we wanted to keep things light and casual but most importantly, easy. Our goal is to develop looks based off of apparel that we believe most of our readers already have. Most of us know that camouflage first debuted within our armed forces yet has made its way to fashion and style as a trending print. Today, we've got a few tips specifically on how to style this print:

First, camo is a very masculine print however metallics can easily accentuate your look whether you're wearing a bomber, top, or pants. In this case, we decided to pair Johan's bomber with a classic Casio and his faux hoop nose ring.

Second, our advice is to add color. Camo pairs well with black, white, and other neutrals (even denim!) , adding color helps soften your look and add a fun element.

Our third and last tip is to only wear one camo piece at a time. You won't want to over do it, so we advise limiting yourself to one printed piece for each outfit in order to keep an appeal.


It's important that you take into consideration a couple of things before you wear considering wearing a t-shirt to any event:

What's the dress code?

Where are you going? Are you going to a funeral, a wedding, or going out to dinner. Like everything, there are inappropiate and appropriate times and places to wear specific items and it's important to take into consideration the culture, the atmosphere, and the people that you're going to come into contact with.

What's your build?

The F I T of a t-shirt is super important. A t-shirt should be neither too baggy nor too tight because too much of anything is too much. If it's too big, it will sag like a pillowcase and will look unflattering. Too tight and you will look like a sausage. If you’re in shape, and have a good build, you can lean towards the tighter fit. If you’re carrying extra weight, leans towards a looser fit — but don’t go too far because too much extra fabric will only make you look larger rather than smaller. The seams of the t-shirt should align with where your shoulder ends rather than lower on your arm or towards your neck. The sleeves should hit about halfway on your upper arm. And lastly, when it comes to shape, avoid boxy tees because you want a tee that will flatter the shape of your body.


Having less can be so much more when you are able to mix and match basics to use as a base for killer accessories- no outfit will ever feel the same! We are supporters of capsule and minimalist styles and we want to break the misconception that this practice limiting. It’s truly the best way to ensure quality, stylish, and stress free dressing every day. In true capsule wardrobe fashion this styling only took us about 15 minutes to pull together. When you focus on classic quality pieces and make them your staple items you get a heck of a lot more wear out of them that way and aside from the simplicity let’s not forget the added benefit of always looking on point and effortless.

Challenge: We're keeping it simple by keeping it the same. This week we challenge you again to start fresh from your closet and continue expanding your style, visions, and your comfort zone. Try cleaning out your closet and getting rid of "style baggage," pull one of our tips from above and apply them to your new mindset in 2018. January 1st is around the corner and as we kick off year T W O we want you to be and feel inspired. Don't forget to share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook! Here's to the end of a great year and to the beginning of a greater year to come!

R E M E M B E R: Shop wiser. Dress smarter. See beauty in diversity.

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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