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For those who don't know, a minimalist is considered to be someone who sticks to a specific color palette and maintains a simple dress-up with minimal accessories. I personally keep a minimalist aesthetic but definitely wouldn't say I have a minimalist wardrobe. Your girl likes colors and fabrics and bold prints yet more often than not, you can catch me flaunting a minimalist look. However, our goal here is simply to share tips to help you begin a minimalist fashion lifestyle, see if you already have one, or even help those interested in sprinkling a little minimalism magic onto their current closet. Just know we got you covered and at the end of the day we only want our work to inspire you to be exactly who you are. Minimalist or not.

RULE (and/or tip)

I. so where do you start? our advice is to head to your closet and narrow it down to pieces that you really, really love. do you really love it? we're sorry but that's not enough --- remember really, really love! (2x) and once you get there, head to rule II and we'll dig a little deeper...

II. keep a monochromatic wardrobe. black + white will be your dominant colors while colors like navy, rose, grey, and beige will serve as your accent colors.

III. choose quality over quantity. it's important to invest in your new wardrobe long-term, but remember to #shopwiser. you will be purchasing less but spending more and there's always a way to get what you want at a price you can afford.


Consider Each Purchase

Buy less, choose well, make it last. This is the overriding principle of any minimalist wardrobe. Focus on fewer pieces of higher quality; only buy clothes you truly love; learn to take care of your clothes and wear them until they fall apart. Click here to learn how to shop like a minimalist.


IV. pick a color. well colors actually...it's important to start off with one neutral color and two accents when shopping and re-creating a minimalist wardrobe. for example, I would choose black, red, and yellow. now that i've chosen, I know what to focus on when I walk into any of my favorite retailers...or even better, online.



The key to a minimalist look is keeping it clean and simple, so stick to no more than three colors. Make sure at least 2 of the colors are neutral or muted. I’m a huge fan of the black, white, and chestnut brown combo and have been wearing it all winter.


V. keep your lifestyle in mind. ever been shopping and love a piece that you tried on at the mall, then you get home and it ends up sitting in your closet for 7 months? yea, I've been there too and I've learned that it can be avoided just by taking a few extra seconds to really consider my purchase. think will I wear this regularly? when I get home will this piece really work with my closet?

VI. create foundation with quality basics. if there is something you feel that your wardrobe needs, it's okay to make the purchase. sometimes people get carried away with the idea of minimalism but feel free to be your own kind of minimalist. we all need foundation and if you're keeping the other tips in mind, we believe you'll be just fine. establish the foundation by finding (and possibly purchasing) the key pieces that work in a many of ways for all seasons.

VII. aim for detail. as you're transitioning into a wardrobe with less, you will want to maintain details such as bold buttons or the shape of your collar. keep an eye out for basic pieces with bold details.

VIII. just pick one. wear one standout accessory, such as a cuff or a statement ring. that's it.

IX. reverse thinking. try to experiment with proportion and form rather than pattern and colors. while traditionally one would get dressed by matching colors, minimalists begin with the proportion and fit of their clothing.

X. create depth and add interest. remember that you can accent with more than just colors. we suggest trying to layer with different textures and fabrics. for example, a white silk tank top under a wool sweater or cotton blazer. add a classic watch and black trousers and the outcome will still be minimal.

Challenge: We came face to face with a closet that had less, yet everything we needed. This week we want to challenge you to take any of our minimalism rules and apply them to your closet. For example, with rule XIII, try wearing just one accessory. Nothing more, nothing less. Whatever you decide, don't forget to share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook!

Shop wiser. Dress smarter. See beauty in diversity.

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

Outfit details coming soon!

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