Meet Natalie.

We love versatility and variety. Streamlined closets. Less prep time. Minimalist is the best way to be. Capsule wardrobe is the trend at the moment but even we’re hesitant in saying that purging your closet is the best way to go. When you remove tons of clothing from your wardrobe you are adding to the waste system and you may get rid of things that will come back around in style or that’ll you’ll want in repertoire. Then when you end up wanting it again you’ll have to shell out money and use up the resources used to make and ship the item to bring it back into your life. What a waste. But yes, there are some principals to take away from the minimalist lifestyle. Namely finding pieces that can be mixed and matched with ease. Essentials are the foundation of every closet. There’s no need to take up valuable wardrobe space in your shrinking apartment.

To decide whether an item should be removed from or added to your rotation see if you can find at least three different outfits to wear it with, if you can’t give it to a friend who can. If the sparkly flare pants you just bought only go with a really specific shirt it may be smart to return it. If you don’t have anything to wear it with in multiple ways the chances of you wearing it multiple times is nearly non existent. That’s why we loved this shoot so much! Natalie had a great closet filled with second hand clothing and gifts - a dream for someone feeling the effects of a high school teachers budget. 

Even with all the variety in her closet she got stuck in the trap of excess. Too many options can cause too much pondering of what to wear. Our brains just have a hard time making decisions when there are too many possibilities. For this shoot we found one staple item - distressed cut offs. Yes, it’s Miami so we were able to do this mid November. You can replicate what we did with some classic high-waist, dark wash cigarette jeans. We found three tops that would go with the jeans for weekly occasions like GNO, a daytime date, and a Sunday Funday brunch. Of the three shirts we picked, only two she had worn before. We challenged her - and now you to see if those items can be worn a total of three or more ways. If not, time to say goodbye.

We loved the final looks and feel like we solidified some of Natalie's confidence with her great wardrobe. Like many of us do, she frets over chosen outfits and wonders if she is able to pull off an outfit or questions her styling senses. The fashion elite of this world know the secret- being stylish is 20% wardrobe and 80% confidence. 

Challenge: This week we want to challenge to build a wardrobe you can wear in many ways and keep your head held high while you express yourself and rock who you are. Everyone will love it and you’ll feel more confident in taking fashion risks with every step.  Share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook!

Shop wiser. Dress smarter. See beauty in diversity. 

Till next week, 

Andie & AJ 

Grey Turtleneck - Revolve

Shorts - Levi's

Striped Button-Down - H & M

Black Sheet Top - hand-me-down

Brown & Red Sandals - Old Navy

Jewelry - hand-me-down

Black Ankle-Strap Sandal - Just Fab

Clutch - Thrift 

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