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It's a Saturday and you just bought a new top. You're shopping and you see it online or in the store and you're sold. Fast forward to Friday night and you're having dinner with friends, it's casual but you want to dress up a bit and you remember that you haven't worn that top yet. Take a few selfies because you're obviously killing it and your Friday night was a success, one for the books actually. You get home, that top goes to your laundry and well let's just say we never see it again. Anyone been there?

We're so excited to debut our first brand collab with one goal: to help you wear that "top" more than once. I've been there. I buy something and never wear it again and looking back I just wish I was more creative and all it really takes is being aware. Sometimes you just need to know how...

Vice x MS is an online boutique that carries modern and chic pieces for your next brunch, hot date, or girls night out. Either way you're bound to look and feel flawless and we're so excited to debut this blog in hopes of inspiring you to be creative. Our goal with each of our brand collabs is to encourage you to shop wiser and dress smarter by putting more use to the clothing you purchase. Be inspired by the diversity you see below with Asha, Rosario, and Nathalie and explore the looks we put together. Don't forget to check your closet(s) but you can also click here to shop Vice x MS and use the code VICECHICK for a 10% off! Let's get started...

Elvi Flare Top with Hot as Fire Set

Our tip: Try mixing and matching. For example, if you have a set pair it with a different top or bottom. Try layering with outerwear or focus on your shoes. Play with boots, heels, sandals, or even sneakers. The possibilities are endless!

Lace Me Up Dress

Our tip: With this dress, our advice is to focus on shoes and accessories. As mentioned above, try different style when it comes to shoes. This lace up is perfect for heels. Personally, I would play around with wedges or platforms for this look. It's giving us 90s vibes and can easily be paired with a nude or metallic hue. On the other hand you can also try playing with accessories. I love how Asha's neckline really stands out and glows naturally so I would try pairing this look with rings, bracelets, or even a nice pair of hoops. Click here for more tips on how to rock hoops. ​

Emely Ribbed Set

Our tip: We tried to keep things simple with this set but again know that you can always mix and match. The highlight of this look was her sunglasses. I often forget the sunglasses can be used to accessorize. These yellow aviators really made this classic outfit pop and her sneakers are the perfect (and comfortable) way to tie a set like this together.

Victoria Tassel Top

Our tip: This top has a lot of detail so our tip would be to focus on minimalism. Keep things basic. We decided to pair this top with the leather skirt to add a bit of texture to the look. And it's great because depending on the shoe you pick, this look can either be casual or dressy. It's all up to you...

Champagne Mami Set

Our tip: Same with this look. Focus on your shoes, while you can always mix and match shoes can serve as the perfect foundation for a look.

Make Me Wild Set

Make Me Wild Set with Carmen Flare Pants

Our tip: With this set we want you to see how extensive style can be. Sometimes we shop and we see that "top" on one type of model and think it only fits that one type and it's important to appeal to your audience in more ways than one. Right now Fenty Beauty is killing it by doing so and if you ask me, that is one major reason why they have been so successful. It's simple. Diversity. With that said, our tip hear is to go basic. Remember that you don't always have to accessorize. Sometimes confidence is just enough and Asha and Nathalie look naturally stunning. Don't you agree?

Challenge: We love sharing tips on how to style your closet. Stay tuned for more brand collabs and don't forget the code VICECHICK to shop these looks. This week we challenge you to look into your closets; find that piece that you may have worn only once or twice and style it into your week. Be inspired and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook.

Till next week,

Andie and AJ

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