Meet Scott.

People rarely believe me....but here it goes:

Yes, I have 5 children ranging from ages 26-2yrs of age.

Yes., I completed a career in the military and retired.

Yes, I love the Lord deeply.

Yes, I have successfully journeyed through many aspects of hip hop culture; dance, graffiti writer, MC, radio, fashion and now DJn.

Yes, I found my soulmate through God’s divine plan, and live in the boondocks of FL. Leahna Bohler McCartney really pushes me hard to always be better.

Yes, the hair on my head is migrating to other parts of my body.

Yes, I do have gray hair in my beard but I pluck some of them out. I’m blessed right now where the black outnumber the grey.

Yes, I do have a youthful way at looking at life.

Yes, I still wear a medium size shirt.

Yes, it’s my birthday.

Yes, I am 50.

Those words literally came from our model and we think it's safe to say that you're already blown away. Scott is the charismatic, talented DJ that we met through a mutual friend. and thank God we did. Who knew that such a down to earth, family man would be one of the greatest DJs we've ever met. This father of five shocked us when he revealed his age but he’s a man that likes to let his personality shine (quite literally) through his big smile, great fashion sense, talents, and faith. Age ain't nothing but a number anyway...

Believe it or not we actually met up with Scott at our local mall and this shoot was taken on a nearby parking ramp. Don’t let his streamlined look fool you, he took his wardrobe on the road with him to our meeting place and we were pleased to see "Scott's closet." Simply put, it was a great collection of classic and trendy items from dark rinse denim to clean kicks and bow ties. He brought the foundation. Right off the bat we knew he had great taste and had put the work into curating a closet that spoke to him. He told us that he’s a man that likes to stick to his neutrals, always gravitating to black, brown and navy for the essentials. We know some quality accessories can make or break any outfit and sometimes can be the secret to keeping a capsule wardrobe look fresh. Scott says, "Shoes allow you to take a peak into the emotional aspect of someone's life." and with over 40 pairs of shoes, each with a different story, we're excited to release a behind the scenes look into our shoot with Scott soon!

Our backdrop served as a no fuss, cutting edge set that let the real star shine when we landed on his final look: rusty blue jeans and a classic white button down elevated with fun patterned socks, some quality semi-brogue derby shoes, and a navy fedora. The slate grey vest takes it up a notch to a more refined and pulled together casual look. Having less can be so much more when you are able to mix and match basics to use as a base for killer accessories- no outfit will ever feel the same! We are supporters of capsule and minimalist styles and we want to break the misconception that this practice limiting. It’s truly the best way to ensure quality, stylish, and stress free dressing every day. In true capsule wardrobe fashion this styling only took us about 15 minutes to pull together. When you focus on classic quality pieces and make them your staple items you get a heck of a lot more wear out of them that way and aside from the simplicity let’s not forget the added benefit of always looking on point and effortless. It's about confidence and thank you Scott for reminding us that beauty is ageless. Be inspired.

Challenge: Scott is just like you, so this week we challenge you to rock a vest (if you have one) or try styling with socks this week. Pick a pair and go from there...(yes, we made that rhyme on purpose). Be inspired and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook.

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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