Meet Tiffany.

Goodbye Summer, hello Fall! Welcome to our first fall blog post of the year! But before we actually get into the details of Tiffany's outfit, we just wanted to take the time to celebrate the fact that we're already T E N months into Andie & AJ! Seriously, where has the time gone?! But all jokes aside, we are so thankful for each and every one of you! If you're a new reader, welcome and if you've been with us since day one, thank you for sticking with us and for your constant support! We love you guys, very mucho! So, with that being said, let's talk fashion!


For many of us, the beginning of F A L L marks a new season in which we can look forward to pumpkin spice lattes, cooler weather, layering clothes with the use of cute jackets, Halloween, and the beginning of holiday season which means we're that much closer to Christmas and a new year! There's no denying that there are many things to look forward to each year fall comes, but if you're a fashion lover like us, you know that fall equals A N K L E B O O T S. There is so much power when it comes to finding the perfect pair of ankle boots--they're the perfect trendy yet practical shoe that will transform your outfit from casual to a night out with friends. They're, in all honesty, the cure-all for any fashion mishap because they're bound to look great with anything whether it's with a skirt, high-waist skinny jeans, a dress, or even sporty track pants. For the Miami natives, fear not, because in spite of Miami not getting the color temperatures that many of us would like, boots can still be rocked with a pair of distressed short, skirts, and dresses! If you know us, you know that we're all about versatility and comfort which is why we love ankle boots. So, when doing your shopping remember that you can use the boots as your creative outlet by purchasing them in a different texture such a velvet, metallic, or classic leather; you can grab a pair that come in different colors or patterns; or you can even get them with a lower heel or with a platform heel! In Tiffany's case, we left the zipper on the side of her boots open, which is such a simple thing to do, and yet it goes such a long way in adding style to any look that you decide to create! Check out this inspo slide we made for you below!

P L A I D P A T T E R N & T H E F L A N N E L

The plaid shirt was, at one point or another, associated with Scottish people, lumberjacks, or the grunge look of the 90s! As we were doing the necessary research for this blog post, we found out that there is an actual difference between plaid and the flannel! Turns out that the difference is that plaid is the pattern that originated from Scotland whereas flannel is the actual fabric of the shirt. So it's no coincidence that the stereotype of the lumberjack was always depicted with a pair of boots and a plaid flannel shirt! So, for the sake of this section, we'll talk about the flannel. The flannel is by far one of the coziest pieces of clothing anyone can ever own. Flannels are a little bit rustic, soft on the sleeves, and is literally the epitome of casual, comfortable, yet cute attire, both for the ladies and the gentleman. They're so incredibly easy to wear and are great for those days where you are heading to class, running errands, or having study sessions at your favorite local coffee shop or the library. Flannels are a great way to look stylist with whatever you decide to put on whether it's over a pair of ripped jeans, shorts, a skirt, or leggings, the flannel is in fact a trusty and functional item to have in your closet! As for the pattern of plaid or tartan (which can be used interchangeably), it has been evolving from its classic looks of crossed horizontal and vertical bands in two or more colors with a base of the color red, into brighter and colorful interpretations that is embracing a bold new way to style. What was once only a base of red, is now involving blues, greens, grays, pinks, yellow, orange, and more vivid pieces that speak louder than before. So, if you're going to hit the racks, we want you to keep a few T I P S in mind:

Be a w a r e of the fabric that you're choosing and it's wearability. So for example, if you live in a colder and wetter region, you should be considering heaver fabrics. If you live in a warmer region sheer silk, chiffon, or pure cotton are great fabrics to have!

L A Y E R I N G is your best friend! Whether you're wearing plaid in the summer, spring, fall, or winter, just remember it's how you wear it not what you wear!

Experiment with colors and don't stick to the safer option of black and red plaid! Also, don't be afraid to experiment with different pieces of clothing like plaid shorts, plaid skirts, even plaid accessories.

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(source: https://www.collegefashion.net/trends/history-of-the-trend-flannel-shirts/)


We know that when it comes to shopping for sweaters, especially for us who live in the warmer regions, we start sweating at the mere thought of bulky winter coats and too many layers. But despite it being a tad bit more difficulty for us to indulge in Fall trends, here are some T I P S on how to find the perfect sweater for you:


What are you looking for? Are you going for a v-neck or a crewneck? Do you want a sweater that fitting or an oversized one? Are you living in a colder area which requires you to wear a thicker fabric or are you looking for a thinner fabric because you want to add unto your outfit? In order to not get overwhelmed while shopping, try to narrow down your options!


This is a great step that will narrow down your option even more. Consider what you already have in your closet and start to think ahead of different ways to style your sweater with the things you already have! So, do you have a sequined skirt lying in around in your closet that would look good with a fuzzy sweater? Or do you have a pair of plaid trousers that would look good with a grey knit sweater? Keep in mind how you'll style your sweater of choice!

P R I N T E D O R P L A I N?

Are you looking for a basic sweater that will go with anything or are you looking for something that is more a statement item that will be the center piece of your look? Do you want to build unto the sweater or do you want the outfit to center around the sweater? It's completely up to you and it's according to your own style!


Are you looking for a cardigan, pullover, zip ups, or oversized sweaters? The possibilities are endless and be sure to explore your all of your options and go for things that you wouldn't usually go for! Don't be afraid to try on those items that you never would've tried on in a million years! Doing this will allow for you to grow in your style and in the way you express yourself!


Now vampy lips aren't necessarily a trend per se, considering that dark red hues, purples, and even black lipsticks have been around for the past few years, but we know that for some of us, it can be intimidating to rock such a bold lip! But we're here to remind you to have fun with lipsticks and don't be afraid to go into Sephora or Ulta and just try a bunch of different shades on. It's makeup and it wipes off so go experiment with your girlfriends! Take note that with vampy lips, it's not so much about your skin tone as much as it is with the rest of your look. So, when you decide to do a bold lip, try to keep the rest of your face simple with some wispy eyelashes, a simple cat eye, or even a nude face! If you want to, you can even try a soft matte smokey eye as well! Just keep in mind that your lips should be the focus and then everything else should work as a compliment. Also when you do full coverage of your lips, apply the lipstick first and then refine the edges with a matching lip pencil and some concelear and you can even go the extra length by blotting some translucent powder on a puff over your lips so that it will give you a longer wear time.

Challenge: Tiffany is just like you, so this week we challenge you to rock a bold vampy lip, incorporate plaid into an outfit, and cozy up in a sweater of your choice! Be inspired and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Isntragram or Facebook!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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