Meet Rachel.

We may as well call her Gaia because she brought out the nature loving goddess in all of us with her down-to-earth style that felt at home amongs the glowing rays of the Florida sun. Yes, we were blessed with the most stunning model around but we also had the best set to shoot on. We felt in wonderland amongst all the multicolored trees and sprawling vines. Absolute heaven.

Similar to last week with C H A S E, Rachel is reminding us to embrace our body types. Being a mother, working, and personal TLC can be difficult and society portrays what we "should" look like but we're here to inspire you. Push those boundaries, embrace both you and those around you, and hey, it doesn't hurt to look fly while you're at it.

For this week, we opted to match the earthy vibes around us and stick with a natural rust tone that suited her bronze complexion. We want you to be inspired not only by the simplicity of her look but also by how easily you can accomplish the same!

Let's get started... Her curve-hugging dress was a simple thrift DIY and all it took was some oversized safety pins and a midi length cold shoulder dress that she already had in her closet but rarely got any use out of. A simple cinch at the waist turned it into a dynamic yet flattering shape that stood out more than the traditional bodycon dress. Another little cinch at the back base of the dress gave it the "oomph" we needed. Because well if you got, it flaunt it!

Now it's time to accessorize (drumroll, please). Notice her gold hoop earrings---fun fact: we actually just took a pair of bangles and got creative. We love gold jewelry because it can be worn to casual outings as well as to very formal and dressy occasions. We also loved getting creative, but we felt like we needed more...

Coco Chanel once said "before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and take off one accessory." We're pretty sure these are some of the wisest words to have ever been spoken (sorry Mom and Michelle Obama, you're pretty wise too).

After trying to pile on every piece of gorgeous jewelry she brought us we finally opted to simplify and just add a intricate bindi that seemed to instantly wrap it all together. This not so subtle focal point added unique flair to her outfit and turned what could have been a simple day look into a showstopping ensemble that takes your eye all up and down this stunning model.

...and when you look down you'll fall in love with her killer suede platforms. We were drawn to them not only because they were in her color palette but because they are a show-stopping shoe in a more understated hue. Platforms may be the trick to crushing the patriarchy, and with these babies they'll be too in awe of their soft suede upper to even notice.

Challenge: Layer on the Gold! ...And as you're walking out the door remove one accessory for an effortless look. Be inspired from Rachel's styling and click here for tips on how to pair gold with your unique style. Show us your look with #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook! You can also find us on Pinterest and Tumblr!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

Find the look:

Shoes (Forever 21)

Dress (Goodwill)



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