Meet Nati.

We know most people like things short, sweet, and to the point so today we're going to do just that with our style tips! To give you a bit of background, Nati and I have known each other since high school, we met at work and have kept in touch since. Besides her obvious beauty, she's not only a wife and mother but a kind, hard-working, woman with the spirit and spunk that keeps anyone around. Our goal with her look was to keep things close to home. Whenever we are styling our clients, we always want to make sure they are comfortable but still inspiring them to try new things. With that said, Nati's physique is slim and curvy so we decided to go with the following: tri-tone stilettos, Hunter green bodycon dress, oversized (her husband's) denim jacket, a dark lip, and a pair of transparent eyeglasses.

Tri-tone stilettos

I think the biggest concern with wearing stilettos, besides the style, is comfort. More often than not stilettos are 3+ inches and either just hard to walk in or they hurt your feet.

Size matters. The first mistake most women make is squeezing. While I have been guilty of going a size smaller or bigger because I loved the shoe, with stilettos, it's not a good idea. Stick to your size!

Go platform. A platform will help balance some of the pressure when you’re walking. It's also been said that a rubbery material will absorb that pressure even better.

Occasionally only. Our advice is to only rock stilettos on occasion and when you will be sitting down for most of the event. Unfortunately, while they look hot they don't always feel that way and for our ride or die stiletto fans, you can at least go with a thicker heel to help with comfort.

Hunter Green Bodycon Dress

Keep it simple. When styling with a bodycon dress, it's okay to go bare. Put on a pair of kicks, grab some outerwear or even a bold lip and you're done. Don't feel like you always need to accessorize.

Too much body? If you're feeling too exposed, try layers with a flannel, tee, sweater, or denim jacket.

Not feeling the dress? Try a bodycon skirt with a crop top to mix things up.

Oversized Denim Jacket Denim is literally a miracle worker and can be worn with almost anything if styled correctly.

Layers. An oversized denim jacket looks great with a flannel, sweatshirt, or even a basic tee underneath.

Pull your sleeves. This is a simple way to add dimension to your look. Just pull the end of your sleeves past the end of your jacket sleeves and that's it. Classy and chic.

Be casually dressy. A denim jacket can easily make any look more casual but don't be afraid to make your own balance. Try a jacket and heels or a jacket paired with a crop top and pencil skirt. Get creative!

Dark Lip

Prep first. Priming your skin before applying any makeup is ideal. It helps to moisturize your skin while also aiding in the way your products set. For my lips, I use vaseline and I swear by it. One of the best health and beauty brands out there!

Don't bleed. Lipliner is your friend. Dark lip colors tend to bleed so the best way to avoid this is by using lipliner.

Own it. Bold shades like Nati's stand out and some may shy away. Our biggest advice here is to be confident and your lip color and in yourself. It all really starts with your mindset. If you think you got it, you do...and if you don't, you still do.

Transparent Eyeglasses

Choose the correct shape. Choosing the correct frame shape is important for every kind of glasses. The ideal frame shape is the opposite of the shape of your face. For example, a square, rectangular or angular frame goes well with a round face, and a circular or oval frame is perfect for a square face. If you have an oval face, you are in luck – the oval shape is considered to be one of the easiest to find glasses for because most frames will look great.There are many different face shapes; find which one is yours and buy the correct frame. Click here for more from Coastal.

Challenge: Our steps encourage our clients to be creative first, and shop second by playing dress-up with pieces from their own closets. No one can tell you how to be you and the key to having more outfits isn’t having more pieces in your closet but having pieces that you can wear multiple ways. This week we want to challenge to simply try one of the tips above. Pull your sleeves through, rock a bodycon dress, or even rock a pair of stilettos and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook! We're also on Pinterest and Tumblr now but be sure to check out our fourth YouTube video below for a closer look at our process with N A T I!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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Stilettos (Steve Madden)

Dress (Forever 21)

Denim Jacket (Forever 21)

Plum Lip (Kylie Jenner)

Transparent Eyeglasses (EyeBuyDirect)

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