Meet Niki.

This Latina beauty is one who radiates with not only intellectuality and confidence but with female empowerment. We reached out to Niki through Instagram and we were instantly drawn to her aesthetic, her writings, and her passion through the use of words. Niki is a Miami native who who uses travel and Intersectional Feminist Theory as outlets to better understand her own bi-cultural identity in a white man's world. She is the founder and blogger of Venus Roots where she uses the platform to create a safe space for women to talk about issues such as feminism, race, sexuality, gender theory, mental health, music, travel, photography, socio-cultural think pieces, politics, nature, all sorts of creative outlets, and more.

Niki's outfit is simple and yet so chic! We love statement pieces, we love loud colors, we love bright accessories, and we love to make a statement in all of the outfits that we create! However, we do like to slow things down every once in a while and go with a minimalistic and casual outfit that still turns heads! For Niki, we went with a blue button down shirt, mom jeans, and a pair of classic Chuck Taylors. Also, before we talk about her outfit, let it be known to the reader that both her jeans and her shirt were found at Goodwill! Thrifting date anyone? Let one of us know if you want to go thrifting, we're so serious about this! Haha okay, let's talk fashion!

First, we'll start with M O M jeans! We know that there are many moms and women out there that cringe at the idea of these jeans coming back into style, but alas we're here to prove to you that they are back in and have an entirely different appeal than what they used to have! To put it bluntly, trends never really go away because they're always recycled, and they always come back to grace us! There's nothing new under the sun and we are thankful for this because this gives us the chance to revamp classic staple items! For the past couple of years we have seen the reintroduction of the classic straight leg high-waisted mom jeans! Mom jeans are inarguably cool, they appear effortless, and can be paired with just about anything that suits your own style and personality! The possibilities are endless! For example, like many denim items, you can dress them up by wearing a leather jacket and heels or you can dress it down by wearing a crop top and sneakers or by adding a belt! Now, we know that finding regular jeans is already a struggle in and of itself, but we're here to share a few tips on how to find the perfect pair of mom jeans the next time you hit the mall or thrift store!


Mom jeans are known for being comfy especially for the mom who is constantly on the go! So, if you try on a pair of mom jeans in the fitting room and they're tight around the thigh area like skinny jeans, then try to find another pair that are less form-fitting and that leave a little bit of room around the thigh area so that it will give off a baggy type of look!


Mom jeans have a higher waist line which is great for us because high waist lines give off the illusion of an hourglass figure, they take attention off the the belly area, and they will give you a slimmer appearance! So, when you're on the hunt for those jeans make sure that they are comfortably fitted around your mid-section and that it's not too tight or too loose.


Mom jeans typically have a wider pocket in the back and two pockets in the front. So this may not seem like much, but in the grand retrospect of things, the large back pocket helps with accentuating the hour glass figure and will reshape your body to appear slimmer as well bringing attention to your hips and butt!


Mom jeans should look worn in, used, and faded and this is usually due to the lighter wash of denim! So, you don't want your fade to be extremely noticeable, have a sharp contrast of color, or have a dark fade to it. Try to go with a lighter wash and if they don't look worn in, distress them! You can distress denim at home with a pair of scissors a cheese grater, or sand paper!


The classic mom jean has a straight leg cut rather than a flare out cute or fitted around the ankles. This helps with the flexibility and comfort of the jeans and will also allow you to roll up the end of the jeans for those pair of ankle boots, high top sneakers, or strappy heels.

Keep in mind that each jean is designed differently, so it's important that you take your time trying on jeans, that you do your research, and that you try to stay positive about finding the perfect pair! So be vigilant and persevere!

(source: http://www.philandmama.com/guest-posts/2017/3/3/finding-the-perfect-pair-of-mom-jeans-guest-post-by-gracia-smith)

Next, let's talk about button up shirts! This past summer we have seen many of our favorite fashion bloggers steal button up shirts from their boyfriend's/husband's/dad's laundry basket. I (Andie) have stolen numerous amount of button up shirts from my dad's closet varying from old school Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger and have worn them with skirts, shorts, trousers, high wasted jeans, and always with a pair of heels! So, if there's one trend that I've been obsessed with, it's this one! Oversized dress shirts can be worn as dresses, can be worn tucked into a pair of jeans, and can be layered! With Niki, we grabbed a navy blue button down shirt that belongs to her boyfriend and left the first two-three buttons onbottoned, we wrapped the shirt around her chest, and then buttoned up the the shirt to where it was snug around her breasts and transformed it to a tube top! We then grabbed the sleeves of the shirt and tied them into a knot in the front! This was super simple and such a fun way to transform a masculine button up shirt to a chic feminine top! This delicate look brought attention to Niki's neck, collar bones, and her short hair. For visuals, be sure to check out these videos for more creative ways to wear a men's button up shirt here, here, and here!

Lastly, let's cover converse and red lips! Converse have been around since 1917, to be exact, and we think it's safe to say that they will never go out of style. Converse are one of the most versatile shoes that have been worn by rebels, rockers, rappers, artists, dreamers, thinkers and originals. They're the one of the few shoes that will look as good on you as they will on your grandpa, your mom, your dad, and even your dog. For some inspo on how to wear a pair of converse, check out this article! As for the red lip, it's about making a statement. In an article written for the New York Times, writer Christine Smallwood said the following about the eternal drama of the red lip: "Red lipstick is symbolic of symbols. It’s what you put on when you want to make a statement. Foundation, tinted moisturizer and nude eyeshadow pretend not to be there, but red lipstick is gloriously confrontational. It’s enhanced reality — a power move and a power color, the choice of femmes fatales and vampires. It can be wintry and festive or iconic and glamorous. Red lipstick is Viola Davis collecting her Emmy. It’s Uma Thurman in ‘‘Pulp Fiction’’ and a diabolical Gene Tierney rowing on the lake at the end of ‘‘Leave Her to Heaven.’’ It’s Ursula the Sea Witch.​" And we couldn't agree more. We talked about the color red with M I C H A E L A a few months back and we wanted to remind you that red is a color that appeals to the woman—it is a color that communicates confidence, elegance, sexiness, and boldness. Red hues brightens your skin tone and it is a color that is associated with so much sexiniess, power and dominance! Red is a classy go-to color that can be worn year round!

Challenge: This week we challenge you to incorporate a classic pair of converse into one of your outfits and to go to your local thrift store or go shopping in a man's closet, grab a shirt, and get creative with the button up! Be creative with your button up shirt and pair it with shorts, mom jeans, or a skirt! Also, go bold with a red lip this week! Be inspired and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook! We're also on Pinterest and Tumblr now but be sure to check out some testimonials here and our third YouTube video below for a closer look at our process with N I K I!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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