Meet Jesse.

This southern belle is as sweet as can be and has a charm unlike any other. For Jesse, we wanted to create a look that would be great for any daytime occasion as well as for an evening night out. Upon meeting Jesse in her apartment in Boca Raton, Florida, we immediately noticed that her best features were her legs and her long blonde locks. Knowing this, we knew that we had to create a look that would show off her legs and showcase her toned athletic body. This outfit encompasses a few of our favorite things: white, denim, minimalism, and sneakers. Let’s get started...

First, let’s talk about safety pins & blazers! As AJ said: “safety pins are your best friends,” literally. Safety pins are such a simple and fun way to add a unique touch to any look you create or to change the style of your clothing. With safety pins, you can bunch up, tuck away, and pin away at different fabrics that will not only give you a textured look but can also modify any cut that may either be unflattering or boring! In this specific instance, Jesse’s white long blazer was one for the books! We already know that the color white is so clean, classy, and crisp with Hannah, so this outfit just affirms that we can’t get enough of this hue! Not only was her blazer extremely elegant but it was also distinctive due to its length and cut! With that said, we decided to bunch up the fabric in the back and place a safety pin in the middle section, which gave it a curtain illusion and showcased her light washed denim shorts and her killer legs.

When it comes to blazers, we know how intimidating it can be to not only find a blazer that fits but to style a blazer in a way where it’s doesn’t look to formal or professional. But we hope that these tips will inspire you to not only look but feel fabulous in a blazer:


  • For the warmer seasons, pair your blazers with some denim cut-offs, ripped skinny jeans, or a maxi dress! For the cooler seasons, layer with a cotton long sleeve and a scarf

  • Wear your blazer with a basic tee or a graphic tee to create a playful and casual look

  • For night out in the city, wear your blazer a form fitted dress or skirt and a pair of heels to show off those legs

  • Don’t be afraid to try on blazers in different colors, patterns, and lengths


  • Make sure that when you go shopping for blazers, that it feels fitted and not extremely tight around the shoulders

  • The hem of the blazer should be right above your hipbone

  • The sleeves of your blazer should fall mid-thumb when your arms are placed down at your sides—you don’t want the sleeves to be too long or too short!

  • When wearing a blazer, you should be able to button it up because this will indicate that it fits and that’s it not constricting but it should still look and keep its shape when worn open

  • We know that everybody’s body shape is different and beautiful and it can be such a struggle to find things that fit your body exact! So just keep in mind that it’s easier to buy a blazer one size up and then get the necessary alterations needed than it is to try to squeeze into a blazer that’s too small for your body

source: http://theeverygirl.com/tips-for-finding-the-perfect-blazer/

Be sure to read more here for more tips on how to find the perfect blazer for you.

Next, let’s talk denim shorts! While many of us have drawers filled with different types of shorts, there’s always THE ONE that lifts up our butts, accentuates our curves, and makes us feel invincible. Why? Because they were made for our body! Understanding and accepting your body type is so essential in finding the perfect pair of just about anything. If you or one of your girlfriends are having trouble this summer trying to find denim shorts, be sure to read the ultimate guide to denim shorts based off of your body type here. Also, we’re here to remind you ladies & gents to use your resources! Have a pair of old jeans you don’t wear anymore? Convert them into shorts! Don’t have a pair of old jeans? Check out your local thrift store. Be sure to check out this Youtube tutorial on how you can convert an old pair of jeans to denim shorts for less than $5.

Lastly, let’s talk about Jesse's kicks! For the year or so, Adidas have made a full comeback! However, the Cortez has also returned! These classics were originally designed and released in 1972 as one off the first long-distance running shoes. Fun fact: they were first made popular amongst women when the iconic Farrah Fawcett wore a pair while skateboarding in an episode of Charlie’s Angels! Anyways, these shoes were also featured in the 1994 movie “Forrest Gump” when Tom Hank’s character ran across the country and needless to say, we love them! Nike, re-released it in February of this year and we just want to go ahead and say "Thank you Nike!" Jesse’s yellow classics were the perfect accent to complete her minimalistic look!

source: http://stylecaster.com/nike-cortez-sneakers-are-the-new-adidas-stan-smiths/

Challenge: Jesse is just like you, so this week we want to challenge you to play around with safety pins, wear a bold color, and rock a blazer! Follow our tips above if you need to go shopping and always remember your local thrift store. Save your money, be inspired, and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook! Check out our first YouTube video below for a closer look at our process with J E S S E!

ONE LAST THING: Be sure to check out J E S S E's store fitn16 here. This brands vision and ideas are something you'll want to be apart of from the jump. Support your rising entrepreneurs! #fiftn16

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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Blazer (Forever21)

Shorts (PacSun)

Shoes (Nike)

Crop Top (Urban Planet)

Ring (H&M)


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