Meet Karolayn.

The model for this week has a natural and classy beauty to her. So to match her aesthetic, we wanted to come up with a look that would capture this. When we were looking through the different pieces in her closet, we chose her denim jacket and decided to use it as a shirt. We then paired it with a pair of fitted and flared out trousers; used the belt of her pants as a tie around the collar of the jacket, and finished off the look with a pair of white Keds. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

There’s definitely no arguing that denim jackets are one of the most essential and perfect pieces of outerwear to have in your closet that can be worn year round. Too hot? Tie it around your waist. Too cold? Add a knit scarf or a hoodie underneath. The denim jacket will continue to be a classic staple item that can be worn in different ways and will fit to any type of style whether that be grunge, preppy, or street wear. But if you know us, we always like to add a little twist to classics. So, let’s talk about wearing the denim jackets as a top! That’s right we said a top! For Karolayn’s outfit, we decided to use her denim jacket as shirt. Rather than layer the denim jacket with a t-shirt or tank top underneath, as we would usually do because we’re such big fans of L A Y E R I N G, we decided to go sans top and just button it up and leave it the way it was and the results are effortless!

But if you know us, we’re not going to leave it there. We’ve been talking about how the 80s and 90s are back in style which means that many denim jackets are oversized and distressed and we are so here for this! The same way many of us love the slouchy fit and perfectly worn in feeling of boyfriend jeans—we love the feeling of the oversized, lightweight feeling of the boyfriend jean jacket that can be worn with anything.

Many of the denim jackets today are also carrying a more unique feel to them because of patches, pins, and embroidery. Because we love you and we love to see your creativity, we fully support you to go crazy with anything you can get your hands on. Before we share some cool and fun DIY tips/projects on how to update your denim jacket, if you don’t have an oversized denim jacket in your closet or if you don’t want to sell a leg to purchase a denim jacket from a high-end store, go visit your local thrift store! Don’t be afraid to dig through the racks of denim in both the men’s and women’s section because you never know what you will find if you look hard enough ;)

Okay now that we got that out of the way, here so some t i p s on how to have fun with denim:

Side note: Once you pick a denim jacket of your choice, go c r a z y with it. Also, be sure to click on each point for the link to the source and/or tutorial

1. P A T C H it : patches were basically made for denim jackets so use your favorite ones to add dimension and personality

2. B L E A C H it : lighten it, change the color(s), have the colors fade out with the ombré effect

3. T H R E A D it : pick a word of phrase of your choice and sow it into the jacket to make a statement or voice your thoughts and opinions!

4. S T I T C H it : add a pop of color with a favorite word or phrase

5. D I S T R E S S i t : cut it, slash it, beat it, mess it up

6. W R I T E o n i t : grab a sharpie and write your favorite lyrics, quotes, or doodle on it. Have your friends and family sign your jacket or if you're a concert goer, carry around your denim jacket and have your favorite artists or band members sign it

7. P A I N T o n i t : if you're an artist/painter, make your own creation. You are Picasso and don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Let’s talk about accessories. For this specific outfit, we took the belt of her black trousers and made it into a loose tie. This just comes to show that using from the resources that you already have goes a long way when putting an outfit together. Don’t have any statement necklaces? Get creative with different types of belts. Don’t have any ties to mess around with? Use statement necklaces or get a pair of shoelaces that are lying around and tie them around your neck. It’s all about being imaginative with the items that you already have, playing dress up, and making a statement about who you are, how you think, and how you express yourself! Now, we know that usually ties carry more a professional essence to it and have been strictly associated with the menswear department. For generations now, ties have helped define a gentleman’s polished look that speaks of class, status, and ability. However, like always, we’re here to debunk typical and traditional approaches to fashion! Ties have been explored by many fashion designers and are now being used to transition from an accessory that was once sharp to an accessory that is now chic, preppy, and sleek. Along with ties, another trend that is coming back in full force are silk neck scarves and bandanas. Not only on silk scarves being used around the neck, but many men and women are tying them around their wrists, ankles, and any other place that they can find!

Lastly, let’s chat about trousers. We know that finding a pair of pants/trousers/jeans that fit is such a struggle because women come in many different shapes and sizes—petite, plus sized, pear shaped, hourglass, even boyish frame. However, when you go shopping for pants and trousers remember:


Will vary, so it’s crucial to know the measurements of your body and to not stick to one number

Waistband Position

Should rest below your belly button and that it rests right above the hip so mid-rise style. This will create the illusion of a flatter belly

Rise Length

The length of the rise at the crotch level needs to be essential in the fit because if it’s too long, it will have your body looking disproportional

Leg Length

If it’s too short, the pants will look shrunk and too long will you have looking like a child.

[source: eBay ]

For a more in-depth guide on buying trouser that are best for your body shape, read more here.

Challenge: Karolayn is just like you, so this week we challenge you to create magic and art with your denim and to dazzle in it! Wear a pair of trousers and get imaginative with your accessories like tying a bandana around your neck or any other part of your body! Be inspired and don’t forget to share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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