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Prints and/or patterns are an easy way to express your fashion and style. The combination of different colors in different shapes (i.e. polka-dots) or in patterns (i.e. pinstripes) are an easy way to mix it up. The trick is in knowing how; naturally different silhouettes call for different colors, patterns, etc. and it's important to know what you can rock best. Jasmine's look was easy to put together and we went for subtle compliments to her look but when complete, she was simply stunning. On that note, let's get started...

Starting from the top, we have Jasmine's simple v-neck tee and polka-dot bikini top. Yes! We used a bikini top in this look. Could you tell? When we were pairing her look together we wanted to find a way to highlight her basic look (t-shirt and jeans) in subtle ways. With that said, we want to encourage you yet again, to think outside of the box. Her v-neck was simple and you can click here to read more about how to style with different necklines. However, when it comes to patterns we have a few tips from a great resource on how to wear polka-dots.

A proclamation of polka dots. If you decide to make a statement (like in a dot-printed dress), keep the rest of your look simple. Just pair with a simple denim jacket and easy accessories.

Laid-back & low-key. Polka dots often give off a preppy, Cape Cod vibe, but they can also moonlight as your go-to casual look. We love the easy-going style of a tie-waist blouse paired with your favorite cutoffs and sandals.

Feminine charm. Polka dots are inherently girly, so take it one step further to the feminine side with charming details like bows or ruffles. A piece like a bow-back stands out, so simply pair it with white jeans.

Source: https://blog.stitchfix.com/fashion-tips/how-to-wear-polka-dots/

Our darling's denim hails from the infamous retail store, TOPSHOP. Quick History lesson: TOPSHOP has developed from its humble beginnings in the basement of a Sheffield department store to an icon of British style, beloved by students and celebrities alike. Nowadays the fashion chain has 440 stores across the globe, with 300 in the UK alone, and ships to over 100 different countries. Last week Trinity Leeds shopping centre (UK) saw the opening of the high street giant’s latest outlet. Situated within Trinity Leeds shopping centre, the 31,000 square foot store, spread over 3 floors, boasts exclusive collaborations, limited edition ranges, vast make-up and accessories collections as well as the opportunity to enjoy a complimentary shopping service. In celebration of this fact, we’re going to take a little look back at the evolution of the high street chain over the last 48 years… (Editor, 2012) No matter where you are, TOPSHOP is either coming or already near you. Our tip when it comes to mom jeans is to go thrifting first. Head to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. and see if you can find a pair of Levi's to try on. Believe it or not, mom jeans are a great way to compliment your buttox. This conservative yet stylish denim can accentuate your waist while giving you hips and extra emphasis on your shape. To read more on how to style or for inspo click here, here, or here.

Lastly, we're going to cover Jasmine's outerwear, accessories, and sandals. Her satin bomber jacket was just a quick, stylish compliment to her outfit. The black and white showcases a classy feel while still maintaining a comfortable and casual look. With her accessories, we kept it simple. Off hand we knew it was ideal to keep things minimal, so we decided to go with some basic rings and a black watch. You can read more about hues here but her strappy, red sandals were the final touch. Keep in mind that strappy sandals, heels, etc. always have a way of accentuating your feet or your legs. Our biggest tip here is to look in your closet first and shop second. Andie and I are all about using your resources and saving funds before you spend 'em.

Challenge: Jasmine is just like you and this week we challenge you to either rock or shop for a pair of mom jeans. As mentioned, this denim is a great way to accomplish great shape and style in one piece. Be inspired and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram and Facebook!

Till next week,

Andie and AJ

Find the look:

Shoes (Forever 21)

Jeans (Topshop)

Bandeau/Bikini Top (Target)

Shirt (Zara)

Jacket (Forever 21)

Watch (Amazon)

Lipstick (Maybelline Chocoholic)

Glasses (EyeBuyDirect)

Rings (Forever 21)


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