Meet Shaina.

This strawberry blonde is inspiring us in all types of ways. From her platforms, to her criss cross neckline and burgundy bomber we've got tips for how to style this summer. As we're discussing we also want to remind you that we're big on saving money and using or resources. Do us a favor and check your closet first before deciding to do any shopping! With that said, our process encourages creativity first, so let's get started with Shaina...

On a sidenote: Congratulations to all of our graduates out there. We are some of your biggest fans and are so proud of you for making it this far. The best is yet to come!

From bottom to top, we'll begin with Shaina's platforms. Platforms are easily some of the most comfortable heels out there. They provide both comfort and style seamlessly and come in a variety of colors, materials and more to suit all of us.

The first modern version of this shoe was presented by Moshe Kimmel to actress Marlene Dietrich, a design that soon became extremely popular among the Beverly Hills elite. During the disco era, platform boots, also known as disco boots, were huge among men as well, while women would be wearing it for a very long time indeed. Women of all ages began to rock the look, and why not? It is simply too perfect in every manner and beats wearing flats all day.

Luckily, Shaina had the perfect pair in her closet to help complete this look. Her platforms matched her black shorts while the hemp heel added a natural dimension to her sporty-chic outfit. So what can you wear with platforms? With summer in mind, we advise rocking platforms that contrast your look. If you're wearing white, try a pop colored or even floral print platforms to contrast, yet compliment. Want to rock platforms but going out for a few hours? Try going with lighter platforms; more often than not, cork heeled platforms are light on the feet and heavy on style. Need more tips? Click here to read more from another great source or see L A U R E N here.

Quick History Lesson: In Ancient Greece, platforms were used to raise the height of important individual characters within the theatre performances, as well as high-born courtesans in 16th century Venice. The Ancient Chinese traditions of thick soles made of layers of white clothes are still kept in the Peking opera, while the Manchu women of the Qing dynasty wore platforms with separate heels that would later be adopted in European fashion trends.

Source: Fashionisers

Next, we have her shorts. Obviously, with summer here and the sun blazing whether you're somewhere in the East or West Coast shorts are the go-to. Shaina's shorts are basic comfortable, cotton shorts. We wanted to keep a certain part of her look simple and focus on matching and pairing colors. However, with her black accessories and shoes we needed one piece to be black, hence the shorts. Read more here to see how to style shorts.

Shaina's criss-cross neckline top was a perfect touch of style to her look. Necklines are so ideal to fashion; there are over 100 different types and each can make the perfect statement for you. A balanced silhouette was created with this top and here are a few quick tips for three necklines: button-up, halter, and v-neck.

Button-Up - Balance more masculine button-ups with delicate, layered necklaces. If you choose a loose-fitting silk shirt or tunic style, balance the softness with a chunky, statement necklace.

Halter - No necklace necessary with a halter neck! Pair with a pair of statement or drop earrings, or keep it simple and let the dramatic neckline speak for itself.

V-Neck - The V-neck is such a versatile neckline, you can have fun with your accessories. Wear a necklace that mirrors the shape of the neckline, like a statement piece that reflects the look of the top.

To read more from this source, click here.

To finish off her look we added a few more touches: denim around-the-waist, bomber, bow choker, and sterling silver rings. Fashion is all about both creating trends and renewing trends. This 90’s trend is taking us back again to the cherished style that's returning today. While back then this involved wrapping plaid flannels rocking boots or even a pair of Chucks, today you can find this look being styled with heels, sandals, Nikes, and more. For an outerwear touch, we added this burgundy satin bomber from Charlotte Russe. So how can you style with a bomber? Bombers can be worn in any season. We hate those pieces that we can only pull out if the weather permits. In addition, the great thing about bombers is that they can be worn oversized or fitted depending on the look you're going for. Take a look in your closet and see what you have and if you don't have one, the good news is that you can find them basically anywhere so the search won't be difficult. Lastly, we have her jewelry. We paired the bow choker to compliment her neckline but also add another black touch to her shorts and shoes. You can read more about chokers here with H E A T H E R but remember that these also come in many shapes and sizes. Chokers as accessories have limitless possibilities.

Challenge: Shaina is just like you and this week's challenge is to rock a bomber. See what colors, prints, or materials (i.e. silk) you have in your closet and try to pair with different solid colors for a balanced look. Be inspired and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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Shorts (Cotton On)

Shirt (Marshalls)

Denim (Walmart)

Jacket (Charlotte Russe)

Necklace (Charlotte Russe)

Lipstick (Maybelline , Coffee Addiction)

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