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This is a special blog that was written in honor of all those special women embracing motherhood. This one's for those of you who are sacrificing daily for your family. We know that you don’t deserve only a day, a week, or even a month…but you deserve the entire world and all the time that’s within it. So, thank you moms. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your strength and unconditional love.

They're are so many easy and comfortable ways to look fashionable when you're pregnant or post birth. I personally think Maxi skirts and dresses are the way to go! They are comfy, and easy to put on and most even more very stylish. Sabrina, 23, 1 toddler boy

Inspiring us this week is this gorgeous mama-to-be, well at least in these pictures because she recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Saxon Wilde! We started Paola off with a form-fitted black turtleneck dress to compliment her gorgeous baby bump. Turtlenecks for the most part have always been a conservative item in many women’s wardrobes, but like always we’re here to inspire our readers to try to see items outside of their "social" reputation! So although the turtleneck is on the conservative side, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring or basic! If you know how to pair turtlenecks in your own way, turtlenecks can easily become that essential piece in your outfit that can complete your look! Turtlenecks can be worn and paired with: suits, overalls, under dresses, under bold coats, layered underneath others shirts, and can even be worn with a collared necklace! Turtlenecks, like many things, come in a variety of different shapes, styles, colors, and patterns! To see the different types of turtlenecks and how you can style them in a variety of ways be sure to check out this article!

My go to comfort is always a maxi dress. Slip on and go on with your day. Put a little denim or shawl on top to give it a cute look or just keep it simple for chores around the house. Natalia, 22, 1 boy

I would say simple is always better. I find myself needing to change my shirt when I'm out a lot because the baby spits up, runny nose, food, etc. so a pair of basic jeans and loose fitting blouses are a must. My tip would be to have an extra blouse (or 2) in your diaper bag at all times! Brianna, 23, 1 baby boy

We know that we’ve already talked about layering but we can't emphasize enough how much we love it! The layering technique is our so essential because it has the ability to add dimension and texture to any look in any season! With that said, adding the Aztec printed poncho both slimmed her down and accentuated her curves! Our tip here is that layering is the perfect tool for any mom-to-be especially a mom on-the-go! In a hurry? We would advise layering up by keeping fitted layers underneath and incorporating different materials in the mixing and matching process. Keep in mind that layering similar fabrics can make you look heavy adding the illusion of more weight. For more tips on how to create the perfect, proportioned look, check out Lauren Conrad’s blog post here!

For stylish but effortless looks, it doesn't get better than a buttoned down top or layered tanks for breastfeeding moms. Just pop your buttons off, or pull a top layer up and a bottom layer down, to stay comfortably covered! After all, a full baby is a happy baby. Vanessa, 26, 1 baby boy

Finally, let’s talk about Paola’s boots and laces! We know many moms out there look for comfort, especially when it comes to their feet. An easy and fun way to incorporate a unique touch to your go-to comfy kicks is to play around with the laces! While styling, we wrapped Paola’s black combat boots laces around the ankle rather then just tying it in a basic bow adding a touch of style! We noticed a lot of the times that moms can get so preoccupied with their kids, maintaining the house, and working and supporting their family that they begin to lose focus on themselves. As a result, motherhood can begin to feel like it’s become a routine leaving you feeling mundane and boring! But we’re here to remind you that it’s okay to focus on yourself and that adding a small change like tying your laces in a different way or even adding a small pop of color will not only make you look good but will have you feeling good! Tying the shoelaces differently, buying different colored laces, or laces in different textures are just a few ideas but for more check it out this article!

Don't spend all your money on maternity clothes. Do a capsule wardrobe for pregnancy. Try and buy stretchy items you can re-wear post pregnancy! Or try to borrow maternity clothes from your previously pregnant friends to save even more. Paola, 24, 1 baby boy

Challenge: Paola is just like you, so this week we challenge you to wear a turtleneck, make it your own, add your mom or a special woman who has influenced you into the mix, and have fun! Share ideas, dress each other up, be original, and make memories! Our goal is to inspire you to be more creative, to walk out that door feeling beautiful and confident, and to use your resources (minus your fund$). Be inspired, read our tips, and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook!

Happy Mother's Day!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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