Meet Garfield.

Athletic wear is on the rise. You see it right? The leggings, kicks, even with accessories like Apple's new Nike watch counts and fashion trends are embracing the fitness lifestyle. Fashion is broadening and it's safe to say that the people love it! So here we are with Garfield showcasing a classic look of black, white, and red athletic wear.

First, we've got his shirt. We're huge fans of Nike! The brand has been around since 1964 and even despite their legal ups and downs, Nike knows how to do it. They produce not only stylish but quality products that match what the people need. Fun fact: Nike sells approximately 900 million items of footwear, apparel, and equipment each year. Think about it: safe to say that you see at least one person wearing Nike a day? Regardless, Garfield had some great essentials for putting together a look that's comfortable yet stylish and starting with this basic Dri-FIT top, we're off to a great start.

Second, we have Garfield's shorts. Fun fact: these shorts were born as pants (tutorial here). Yes! Garfield actually cut these to give them a second life and this is a reminder to be creative. More often than not there is always a second use for your clothing and if not, remember that it's best to recycle. Thrift stores (i.e. Goodwill) are now everywhere even spots like Plato's Closet helps you get cash back! With that said, we've got a few tips for the fellas on how to wear basketball shorts. Tip one: wear the right length. This tip is simple, find a pair that looks flattering; don't go too long and don't go too short (please, no manpris [man + capris]). Tip two: please, please, please do not tuck your shirt in. This one's important fellas; unfortunately tucking your shirt in is not ideal for an athletic wear look especially with basketball shorts. Lastly tip three: make sure they fit. Gentlemen, we do not like to see your butt part (think about it). It's unflattering and a major turn off. Do us a favor and keep the shorts fitting around your waist please. Now would be a good time to state that what we write is our opinion, so wear what makes you feel good, but be mindful. We've got some great ideas for you below!

Learn more about Plato's Closet here!

Third, we have Garfield's kicks, Nike's Air Jordan 12s. On our Instagram this week, we mentioned sharing tips on how to buy sneakers. With shoes varying in price and trending, we want you to get the most bang for your buck. These J's run high but a good tip is to have two pairs: your everyday pair and your "clean" pair. FYI: the "clean" pair are the kicks you wear on a date or to your friend's birthday party---you don't want to get 'em dirty. Now for the cost, sometimes other's say it better and in support of all the other trendsetters out there we've got some great articles you can refer to for help; see the links below! GQ's also got a great history about Air Jordan's here.

If you're a sneakerhead, click here and for a how-to click here!

Garfield's socks were the bold touch to his look. Not only do they compliment his outfit but they matched his Jordans. With that said, it's important fellas to remember to accessorize. It's 2017, and men are now pushing boundaries within style and pieces such as socks, ties, watches, and more are not so basic. Patterns, shades (i.e. pastels), etc. are seen within men's fashion all over the world. We've got some accessory ideas below but read more about Joshua or Kody for tips on how keep it simple yet stylish.

Challenge: Garfield is just like you, so this week we challenge you to be creative and give that wardrobe you were considering getting rid of a second use. Turn those pants into shorts or use your shoelaces as a belt (read more here). Remember to look in your closet first and shop second. Be inspired and don't forget to share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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