Meet Ashley.

When it comes to style and fashion, physique, race, and gender are foreign to our ideas of beauty. Many people believe that there are unsaid rules when it comes to certain fashion trends, but we think that many of these “rules” are taboo and we encourage creativity! That being said, this beauty is wearing an outfit for the books! Her look is made up of a few of our favorite things that are perfect for any time and any occasion: black mules and an overall dress that's layered with a crocheted knit sweater. So let's get started as we work our way from the bottom to the top to make Ashley's look chic and sleek!

Mules have officially made their way back on the spring trend list and we’re not complaining! As 90s babies, this specific shoe gives us nostalgic feelings about the fashion trends that we grew up with, and although some of these trend can be cringe worthy and comical, this shoe specifically has us saying: yes please! The fact that mules have come back to grace us with their presence again further proves that the 90s continues to be an era of great inspiration bringing back the use of crop tops, cut offs, jersey tees, and chokers. Mules are extremely versatile (shape, color, etc.) and come in handy for the casual outfit for a family lunch, the dressy outfit for a night out in the city, and everything else in between!

Check out the slideshow below for inspiration!

Moving up, let’s talk about Ashley’s overall dress and her crocheted knit sweater. Generally for any type of look involving suspenders and straps, the go-to is to pair it with something underneath it such as a long-sleeved shirt or a basic tee. We decided to change things up a bit! Rather than having Ashley wear a basic shirt underneath, we decided to layer with a crocheted knit sweater! The way we accomplished this trick was by pushing the overall button through one of the openings of the sweater and then putting the strap over the button clasping it down giving the outfit a textured and layered look!

Check out our tutorial here!

Seasons come and seasons go and naturally, many of us associate layering with winter (or colder weather generally...). However, for those of us who live in warmer places like Miami and Los Angeles (wink, wink) , layering is considered off limits. So what can we do? In our opinion, layering is a style essential and we’re here to break the rules and give you tips on how to layer in other seasons. You can check out Nick to read some tips on layering during the warmer seasons!

Lastly, we’ve got Ashley’s black baseball cap and dark black lips! The decision to add the snapback and dark lip was in and of itself simple and yet added so much more character to her look! Ladies and gentlemen, remember, that sometimes the addition of accessories can either make or break an outfit! Take advantage of those small accessories that you have in your closet and add your own personal touch to express yourself through what you choose to wear! Fun fact of the day: Ashley's lip color is a homemade lipstick that was given to her by a close friend but we've got you covered with a link below. Also, be sure to read more on baseball caps from last week’s post with our girl Asha and how you can rock the dark lip with Heather!

Click here to check out a DIY lipstick tutorial!

Challenge: Ashley is just like you, so this week we challenge you to pick one trend from the 90s and see how you can incorporate that into a more modern look for today! Remember to look in your closet first and shop second. Be inspired and don't forget to share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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Hat (Forever21)

Overall Dress (Forever 21)

Mules (Forever 21)

Lipstick (Homemade)

Nose Ring (Spencers)

Crotchet Sweater (Marshalls)

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