Meet Asha.

We love getting to meet new people and sharing our passion with others. Our gal for this week is originally from California, so in her recent move over to the East coast she could only bring so much. However, we were able to find essential pieces for daily styling even with the few pieces (i.e. bodycon dress, denim outerwear, ankle boots, etc.) she had. With that said, like all our sessions, our time with Asha turned out to be a treat and we're excited to share tips on how to put together a similar look. Let's get started!

Starting from the top, her cap was a prize she received from a modeling gig she did with another brand called SeasonCaps. This Dragon Ball Z inspired headwear both figuratively and literally topped off her look for both style and finish. The neon orange accents her look and provides a complimenting offset to the neutral colors of her sweater, jacket, and ankle boots. All in all, caps are trending but specifically snapbacks have been on the rise for the past few years. So is there a specific way to wear one? We would say no, but it's important to have balance and choose colors that will be complimenting to your look. Our opinion is to keep a black cap or white cap around, they're easy to combine with any look and they look good with any skin tone. However, when it comes to styling for the ladies our hair is usually the first concern. Click here for a great tutorial on different ways to rock a snapback and switch up your hairstyle. We've also got the link below under find the look for where you can purchase a cap like Asha's.

Let's get to her jacket. Last week with Heather we discussed the surplus jacket so we this week we'll share one tip. We want to inspire you to shop at your local thrift store and see what treasure you find. While even we love to go to our favorite retail stores and purchase brand new, we are big supporters of recycling. Surplus jackets are easy finds at thrift stores. Can't find one? Stores such as Forever 21 are also affordable options for your search. Click here to check out our beauty from last week and read more about how you can style your surplus jacket to achieve an hourglass figure.

Asha’s sweater dress in reality is just an oversized sweater. Ever notice how high-end brands will give pieces titles and high prices and customers give in with a purchase. Honestly, we understand it but advise other options. Creativity is your best friend when it comes to playing dress-up and we believe that anyone can be creative with the right resources and so here we are with Asha in her grey oversized sweater aka sweater dress. As you can see, the dress is a bit distressed which in itself has added style to her outfit. Click here for an entertaining tutorial on how you can distress your own sweater (Yeezy inspired) and be sure to check out our model Nick for more tips on how to rock distressed sweaters.

Lastly, we've got Asha's ankle boots. Luckily as fashion and style has evolved, boots have no longer only been worn during winter. With that said, ankle boots are trending and for Asha's look they were the perfect pick. Besides the fact that you can wear them with almost anything (i.e. dress, skirt, shorts, etc.) you don't have to worry about your legs being uncomfortable or hot from layering on top of pants. Not to mention, that ankle boots are a great way to compliment your legs and as you can see, Asha has beautiful long legs, so the ankle boots were a perfect touch for both style and appeal. We're big on tutorials, so click here for different ways to wear ankle boots.

Challenge: Asha is just like you and this week we want to challenge you to style with a cap. However, remember to check your closet first and shop second. One of our goals is to inspire each of you to be more creative and use your resources (minus your fund$). Don't forget to share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

Find the look:

Sweater (H&M)

Jacket (Cotton On)

Heels (H&M)

Hat (SeasonCaps)

Lipstick (Maybelline New York, Blur; 35 plum please)

Lipliner (Kylie Jenner, Kourt K)

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