Meet Heather.

We've been discussing spring trends this month and this beauty had some great pieces to choose from, which always makes what we do so much more exciting. From Mom Jeans to Doc Martens, Heather had essentials and we wanted to make sure that we were giving our readers tips that are inspiring and relatable to their unique style. So what if you don't have pastels, yellow or floral prints? Well, we're here to give insight on other colors to wear this season so let's chat about Heather's look and how you can wear dark hues in spring!

Let’s start with Heather’s vampy lip. Most shy away from wearing darker lipstick shades but we want to encourage you to find a shade that fits your skin tone starting with the undertone of the lip color. Essentially, if you have a lighter skin tone, pink undertones fit best while brown undertones are ideal for darker skin tones. All in all, our advice is to experiment. Be bold and take a trip to Mac or Sephora where you can test out lip colors and get advice from their associates. You can also click here for some specific tips on rocking the vampy lip.

We wanted to keep Heather's accessories to a minimum. So we decided to go with a thin velvet choker to parallel the stripes on her dress. Im sure you've noticed that chokers are trending, however our goal is to share tips on how you can get creative with your chokers. From wearing multiple chokers to just switching up the type of choker you're wearing , they can be a great addition to finish your look. Here's a quick history lesson from Allure on chokers...

The choker’s association with the '90s has made the accessory the must-have piece of the season, but the fitted necklace is known for creating bigger sensations centuries ago. Noblewomen in the Middle Ages wore chokers that featured a pendant stamped with Saint Sebastian motifs to protect themselves from the bubonic plague. During the French Revolution, young women attending the secret bals des victimes (or victims’ balls) wore red ribbons around their necks to mimic the appearance of having been guillotined, expressing solidarity with the rebels who had been executed during the Reign of Terror.

In the nineteenth century, black ribbon chokers were favored by ballerinas, as they gave the desired appearance of an elongated neck. Parisian prostitutes also wore a similar neckpiece, as depicted in Manet’s Olympia. Versatile and easy to wear, the choker can be an eye-catching feminine accessory for day and night. For a modest look that doesn’t scream throwback.

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Heather's surplus jacket was a great addition to her look in terms of layering. We love having a jacket anywhere we go. Whether you're eating at a restaurant or headed to movie it's safe to have a jacket on you or with you. With that said, surplus jackets are also trending and our advice is to head to the thrift store first if you're searching for one. If you have one already, we want to encourage you to have some fun with the drawstrings. We pulled in Heather's drawstrings at her waist to compliment her figure; doing so gave her a complete hourglass figure (wide bust, small waist, wide hips). These are the details that even we have failed to consider when playing dress-up. Who thinks to "play" with the drawstrings, right? All in all, this added a new dimension to her finished look. Don't have drawstrings? We've got you covered! Consider just wearing the jacket differently (i.e. tie it around your waist, zip it up). See below for different ways that you can style your surplus jacket.

Last week, we discussed floral prints and how you can mix and match patterns but this week we want to cover how you can choose certain prints for your specific body type. The bodycon dress we found in Heather's closet was a great piece to begin with for her look. Heather's body shape is curvy naturally but combined with the bodycon and print she achieves a complete hourglass figure. As you can see, Heather is wearing a striped pattern and essentially, stripes can be a flattering distraction for any body type. However, there is an art to wearing stripes and you can click here for some easy tips! These days, you can find bodycon dresses at any of your favorite retail stores but we want you to shop second. Take a look in your closet first and see how you can flaunt what you have and then consider making a purchase!

Lastly, let's cover our pick for shoes. Heather is the girl that can pull off anything. From a floral look to the chic-grunge, she rocks it and finding Heather’s Doc Martens was a breaking point in this style session. With that said, we could have gone with sandals, a sneaker, chucks, or even a heel but these Docs were the perfect touch. These shoes have a fantastic way of giving your look an edgy feel with sometimes even a hint of sex appeal if you style right. However, if you pair it with the right outfit, you’ll have style that won’t be questioned. Click here for a great article with 10 reasons why women should wear Docs.

Challenge: So how can you wear dark hues in spring? Essentially, just do it. Where whatever you want, whenever you want. The trick is to flaunt and style what you have regardless of the fashion season and we're just here to help you use what you have. This week's challenge is to simply go to your nearest Mac or Sephora and test out darker lip colors but if you already have some, our challenge is to rock it this week. Be inspired and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook!

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Choker (Forever 21)

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