Meet Donna.

April is here but Spring officially began on March 20th and with that said we wanted to provide some basic tips on how to wear one of Spring’s favorite colors, yellow. This hue comes in a variety of shades, from marigold and mustard yellow to butterscotch and even gold, leaving us with many options.

Before we chat about our Donna, let’s talk more about the options and tips on choosing different shades. Yellow is usually a color that we stray away from. If worn incorrectly, it can be loud and unflattering. Nevertheless, a good question to ask when deciding on a yellow accent is: does it wash me out or brighten me up? If you choose a hue that makes you look pale, keep it movin’. However, if you come across a shade that sheds light on your look, flaunt it! The trick is finding the right hue for YOUR skin tone! See our scale below for a basic guideline.

Light to Fair

Dark yellows (i.e. mustard) are your friend and will complement your skin tone indefinitely. However, pastels can also compliment remember to stay away from shades that can make your skin tone look dull.

P.S. This is where our Donna is at…

Medium to Olive

For this skin tone, it’s best to stick with brighter shades of yellow. Ideally, you want whatever yellow piece you choose to make your skin glow!

Tan to Dark

For our melanin ladies and gents, most shades of yellow will compliment your physique. With that said, we advise you to be open-minded when shopping in the future but don’t forget to check your closet first.

Note: The great thing about yellow is that it pairs well with other fun colors like green, red, blue, pink, and purple.

Now on to our Donna. Essentially, she falls under a minimalistic style. With that said, we picked this look just in time to give advice about Spring fashion. She told us that she usually wears the straight-leg harper pant you see above as business-wear. With that in mind, we wanted to showcase a way that she could wear them casually say during brunch, a date, or even a dinner party.

With her legs being covered, we also wanted to focus on providing a balanced look. If you’ve read our posts before, you know that we are adamant about fashion and style being about balance. In this case, rule of thumb is: if the bottoms covered show the top and vice versa. Hence the off-the-shoulder black top you see being paired with the pants. This specific neckline streamlined Donna’s shoulders and beautiful skin not to mention brought a glow to her face and stunning blue eyes.

Lastly we have Donna’s shoes and accessories. Her lace-up sandals were the stylish point of this look. Since Donna is a petite beauty we wanted to add some curve to her outfit and finished appearance. Leading us to lacing her sandals around the base of her pant providing a ruffled look. For her accessories, we decided to take three hair ties and place them on her wrists. First, the hair ties are a cheaper alternative and easy last minute touch to your look. Second, in our experience we have always been victims to losing our hair ties so this accessory also serves as a saver! Third, using hair ties just adds even more creativity to the fashion genius we believe you already are. Click the here for another great article for wearing yellow!

Challenge: Donna is just like you and this week we challenge you to use hair ties as accessories. We also want to encourage you to take a look in your closet for yellow hues. Be sure to save our scale as a guideline for what would look best. Be inspired and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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