Meet Michaela.

As we transition from fall & winter to spring & summer, this is one fashion trend that

we’re extremely excited for because we’re so over winter wardrobe! Ladies, this is one

look that you’ll be dying to wear for the incoming summer heat waves because bralettes

are IN.

This dark-haired beauty is wearing an ensemble of a few of our favorite things—a

metallic bralette, a red-maxi dress, a pair of golden metallic sandals to match the

bralette, and to finish this look off, we decided to throw on a olive green bomber jacket.

And the best thing about this outfit was that this outfit was so easy to put together!

First, let’s start things off with the bralette!

The bralette is an undergarment that involves a delicate, soft, lacy, and feminine touch while involving different aspects of the bra! It is made with the lightweight support and comfort of an athletic bra. Basically, the bralette is a bra that is meant to be seen!

Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/2983945/the-bralette- 5-year- old-trend- becomes-a-lingerie-standard/

While the visible bra strap was forbidden a couple of decades ago, we can thank

Madonna and Selena for debuting us with the classic bustier/corset bralette look. The

bralette trend is coming back in full force to grace us with even more ways then one to

wear it. Bralettes can be worn underneath over-sized sheer loose tank tops or a basic t-

shirt; it can be paired with high-waisted jeans/shorts, and even with a cute maxi skirt.

Because some bralettes come with lacey beautiful designs, it doesn’t matter if it is

peeking through some form of clothing—whether the strap is seen with a shirt that falls

off the shoulder or tank top/dresses with exposed backs, it is now considered to be a

part of an outfit.

Next, let’s move on to the gorgeous maxi red dress! For Michaela, we wanted to bring

out her fair complexion and her raven hair, so we chose this dress because it accented

her body and curves in all the right places! This fitting dress was the perfect balance in

showing off enough of her physique while still maintaining a classy and sensual appeal.

Ruby, cherry, scarlet: red is a color that appeals to the woman—it is a color that

communicates confidence, elegance, sexiness, and boldness. Red hues usually

brightens your skin tone and because it is a color that is associated with so much power

and dominance, it is best to only pair it with metallic accessories and keep the outfit at a

very minimalistic level! You can also incorporate red accessories or even a bold red lip if

you have an all-white outfit, a navy blue outfit, or an all-black outfit. The possibilities of

using red in whichever way you desire is endless!

Lastly, let’s talk about the metallic accessories in Michaela’s look. Like we said before,

metallics are such simple accessories that go a long way in any type of outfit that you

put together! So, another way that you can incorporate metallics is by layering delicate

body chains with your bralette or your bikini! This is the perfect touch of delicate jewelry

to put underneath your crop-top or open-back shirt/dress or over that bikini so that it

drapes around your sides and highlights your curves! Check out some of the pictures

below for more inspo!

Challenge: Michaela is just like you, so this week try to go bold, be daring and wear red! Get some metallic accessories from your closet, layer your jewelry, and pair it with a dash of red! Be inspired and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram and Facebook!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

Find the look:

Dress (Zara)

Shoes (Payless)

Jacket (Marshalls)

Bra (Boutique)

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