Meet Abby Leilani.

This sweetheart is giving us the classic 80s/90s vibes and we're love every second of it. Our childhood was consisted of overalls, solid colors, ankle socks, scrunchies, bandanas, wife beaters, and chokers. Hence, what we both appreciate about fashion is that all trends are “recyclable” in a way that they eventually come back to grace us with a fresher look and perspective on fashion. For example silk tops, mom jeans, skorts, plaid, slip dresses, embroidery, billowy sleeves, velvet & suede, and even mixed metallics have made their way back into the fashion realm and we are having so much fun with these nostalgic beauty trends!

The star of the show is this classy and feminine pastel pink overall dress. We both love basics but we also love to have classic pastels items in our wardrobe! These soft hues like pink, blue, yellow, and purple are the perfect classic staple for the summer and spring. When incorporating pastels in your outfit, be sure to mix it with the darker colors such as navy or grey. This technique will help you look slimmer and elongate your body! You can also mix pastels with neutral colors, which will allow for that that pastel piece to pop! You can even mix and match different pastel colors for that soft and bold look! That’s why we decided to pair this pastel pink dress with a cotton grey turtleneck.

Now, overalls have made an official comeback! You can wear them however you want—whether that’s with a boho beachy style, a sophisticated-work style, or even a edgy style with a white crop top underneath, you can add your own personal touch with any pair of overalls. Not only can they be reimagined in so many different ways, they are extremely comfortable and we are all about comfortable and stylish outfits.

We then decided to pair it with this gorgeous blue velvet bomber jacket for those cool LA/Miami nights. Like overalls, bomber jackets also have their cool historical value. Bomber jackets, originally referred to as the "flight jacket", can be traced back to World War I ! While we were doing our homework on bomber jackets, we noticed that this is a timeless essential piece that transcended through almost every decade! This just comes to show that bomber jackets are a must have in your closet because they are timeless and stylish.

Read more about the fashion history of bomber jackets by clicking here!

But it doesn’t end here! Not only is this a bomber jacket, but it also incorporates embroidery, which takes us back to our middle school days! But, we can thank Gucci for bringing back this classic that is absolutely perfect for spring and for summer, which is just around the corner! Embroidery is now included on bags, leather jackets, shirts, jeans, and even shoes! Click here to read more about embroidery.

For more inspo check out the images below:

We then finished this look with a classic high pony and a half-up half-down hairstyle that perfected that classic 80s/90s look! For makeup, we kept it simple with some mascara, eyeliner, and a pink nude lip! We also decided to add a simple leather black crossbody purse that just so happened to be a vintage Coach that Abby got her mom's closet! Don't be afraid to go shopping in your mom's or friends' closets, of course with their permission!

Challenge: Abby Leilani is just like you, so this week try to go incorporate the essentials from different decades into your everyday outfit! Whether it’s a high pony, mixing and matching pastels, adding an oversized dress shirt or jacket, or even adding that scrunchie with a pair of overalls! Be creative and get outside of your comfort zone! Be inspired and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

Find the look:

Shoes (Doc Martins)

Overall Dress (Cotton On)

Velvet Bomber Jacket (Boutique in LA)

Grey Turtleneck (Cotton On)

"Girls" Pin (Bando)

Leather Black Purse (Coach)

Lipstick (Stila: Patina 03)

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