Meet Sarah Joy.

This week we really wanted to focus on sneakers. For a long time, sneakers

were considered dorky, nerdy, or just basic apparel that you would use to work

out—nothing more and nothing less. But after being in LA for sometime I (Andie)

noticed that sneakers were not only used for the day-to- day activity, but are now

being used to make a fashion statement. For a long time now sneakers have

always carried a masculine connotation to it but after being exposed to different

cultures of style, I came to find out that sneakers are an amazing fashion statement for women alike.

In the beautiful city of Los Angeles, you get exposed to different women

displaying their pumped up kicks in many unique ways. So after exploring

Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Downtown LA, Hollywood, and the Fashion District, I

couldn't help but be inspired by the different variations! I saw that both guys and

girls alike would wear Nikes, Adidas, and even New Balances with skinny jeans, basic

tees, joggers, bomber jackets, skirts and even dresses! Both men and women

are now expressing themselves and their own styles through pops of color on

their shoes!

For Sarah Joy, we decided to use a simple black dress that accentuated her

beautiful curves. We then layered it with a graphic black long sleeved tee that

she got in Tel Aviv while studying abroad in Israel! This just comes to show that

style & fashion isn't limited and in fact can be cross-cultural! So, girls, don't be

afraid to layer basic graphic tees with your dresses or skirts.

Then, we went with the stars of the show—her Nikes. Not only were these

pair of kicks super comfy, but they gave a new dimension that brought the entire

look together! What once was a simple outfit is now an outfit with a statement.

We also wanted to add an accessory, so we brought out the clear-peached non-

prescription glasses and topped it off with a vintage army surplus jacket. Sarah

Joy purchased this at American Vintage in Pasadena in the men's section. Girls,

don't be afraid to dig through the endless amount of oversized jackets, dress

shirts, and t-shirts in the men's section at your local thrift store! You will be amazed

at how many gems you can find that will bring originality to your look!

Lastly, we finished the entire look with a bold lip color that brought out that black

girl magic. Bold lips can be so intimidating, but we encourage you to step out of

your own comfort zone and shine like the goddesses that you are!

Challenge: Sarah Joy is just like you, and this week, try to be bold and get

creative with the pieces in your closet! Try putting an outfit together that you

wouldn’t usually go for—put a t-shirt over a dress, go for a pair of colorful and eccentric sneakers and pucker up your lips with that bold lip color! Be inspired and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

Find the look:

Black Dress (H&M)

Black Long-sleeved Shirt (Israel)

Camouflage Army Jacket (American Vintage)

Sneakers (Nike)

Lipstick (Local Drugstore)

Glasses (Zenni Optical)

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