Meet Jessica.

This beauty, like all of our models was one of kind. Jess is your short, skinny gal. She has a thin physique with visual compliments in all the right areas! With that said, we wanted to create an outfit that was casual, comfortable, yet sexy. A look that may seem conservative at first, but wait for it...and you'll be amazed. Jessica had great items to choose from so this shoot was a special treat. Even more, we had a completely different outfit at the beginning BUT we kept one thing --- the suspender necklace.

We're going to chat from head to toe. With the outfit in mind, we wanted to keep her hairstyle simple and easy-to-do. High buns are a great way to bring out your facial features and with the high bun we were able to acknowledge Jessica's beautiful eyes and smile. In addition we kept accessories to a minimum. She has on a pair of small hoop earrings and a bow choker turned into suspenders. If you didn't catch that, read that sentence again. YES! We were able to convert her accessories to provide a whole new look and feel. We turned your typical bow choker into a suspender necklace by simply untying and just using the leather cord. Her arm cuffs were bangles we just pushed up to provide a "cuff look." Cuffs are great for elongating the body and in some ways giving your arms a muscular tone.

For apparel, Jessica's nude bodysuit and flare jeans paired together perfectly. This look provided a relaxed yet sexy feel from the plunging cut-out sides and the flare jeans gave her a more defined hourglass appeal. In addition, her suspender necklace added length to her torso and a unique compliment for her look. The outerwear while being a great addition mainly served as a "toner." What does that mean? Well essentially, the outwear toned the look enough without taking away from her beauty. Jessica’s look wasn’t too revealing and sexy but also far from basic.

Lastly, we have her shoes. We can say that after a while, these shoes became uncomfortable and a bit difficult to walk in after so long. Wooden heels can be heavy on the soles of your feet and while they look great, we advise taking care of your feet and being careful when choosing wooden heels. Rule of thumb is just to know your limits! However, good news is that there are always other options (i.e. wedges, platforms, etc.). Know your options too!

Check out the images below for similar looks.

Challenge: Jessica is just like you and this week we want to encourage you to get creative. When you have an event coming up or just want be intentional about your look, think twice and save your money. Take a look at your inventory, use our tips, and see what you can create. Don't forget to #andieandaj so we can see too!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

Find the look:

Earrings (Forever 21)

Suspender Necklace (Unknown Boutique)

Bracelets (Claire's)

Top (The Line by K)

Sweater (Free People)

Jeans (Gap)

Shoes (Zara)

Sweater (Free People)

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