Meet Joshua.

As mentioned, this week is for the fellas. While ladies have the constant pressure to look good, men do too and so we are going to be blogging for both men and women.

This look was inspired by a theme of “everyday living” for the modern man. Ever fell likes sometimes your best outfits are created quickly? We'll find ourselves in a rush, ready to go, and needing to get dressed and the outfits we just "throw on" leave us impressed. Well we wanted to blog about a look that was simple, easy-to-find, yet stylish. Let's pause here-----to be clear, there’s a difference between fashion and style. In our opinion, fashion can simply be described as the different pieces that make up a look. While style, is the personal touch or unique aspect of your look. With that said, we decided to work with some neutral colors and denim for Josh’s look.

Believe it or not, Josh’s look was very easy to put together. He is more on the tall side so we wanted to get a look that would be comfortable and also focus on his height and bring out the color in his eyes. Hence the taupe button-down and denim joggers. With the sportswear style on the rise, joggers can help accentuate one’s physique and if worn correctly can be very easy to piece together with different tops and shoes.

For a How to wear joggers tutorial please click here.

Picking the right top for a pair of joggers is essential. The first question to ask is, “What look am I going for (sports style, street style, etc.)?” For example, button-downs used to fall under the dressy aesthetic, however they now come in different colors, materials, and patterns. So fashion opportunities and styles have been pushed and re-defined. Another starting point is considering the color of your joggers. As for Josh, denim provided us with a wide array of style possibilities. The taupe was a great, clean balance for his skin tone and the material of the shirt provided a comfortable, yet sleek and slender look. The matching taupe Adidas helped complete the look!

Now let’s talk accesories, and in this case-----glasses! Sometimes there’s a struggle with wearing glasses; at times it can work against your look or just be bothersome when you need to put on your favorite pair of shades. For one thing, there’s always contacts but we wanted to take this moment to talk about Warby Parker. Warby Parker is a great retailer for fashionable, high-quality lenses and frames that are, in fact fashion forward. You can check them out here. The good news is that glasses have lost their "nerdy stereotype" and can now be a great accessory for a look.

Challenge: Joshua is just like you and this week we want to encourage our male audience to look good and feel good. Two things: be confident and start simple.From two woman’s perspectives, there’s nothing like a guy that knows how to dress. Don’t forget to #andieandaj so we can see your inspired look too!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

Find the look:

Shoes (Adidas)

Joggers (Cotton On)

Top (Cotton On)

Glasses (Warby Parker)

Sunglasses (Warby Parker)

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