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Don't you feel and look good when you put on black? There’s something about the richness of the color black that makes us feel fierce, edgy, and classy. Many of us have those black essentials in our closets that we can’t live without—our favorite pair of black skinnies or favorite black leather jacket or that little black dress that makes us feel like queens. There’s something so special about the color black that compliments our physique and brings out our best features.

Today's blog may take you out of your comfort zone and closer to the trend, but of course with a few extra touches. We wanted to emphasize some makeup techniques as well as show you how you can get creative and design and/or wear certain pieces for a comfortably, yet chic edgy look.

First, let’s start with the white mascara or as it’s referred to in the makeup realm: “ghost lashes.” Now, white eyeliner has been a beauty trend for a while, but we wanted to switch things up a little bit and use white mascara and apply it to the tip of the eyelashes. White eyeliner is often used to brighten the eyes so that it makes you appear more awake as well as adding a doe-eyed effect. However, ghost lashes adds a nice edgy touch to any outfit especially an all black outfit or a white-black outfit. This beauty trend leaves so much room for you to have glowing dewy skin, bold lips, and perfectly groomed eyebrows.

Second, we have shorts but specifically let’s focus on wearing bermudas. Bermuda shorts often have a reputation for being nerdy and out of style. But we think that with a good pair of sneakers, an oversized t-shirt, or a sheer top, bermudas can easily be used as a hot fashion statement. With the right pair of high-wasted bermudas, you can accent your legs and compliment your rear goodies like you could never imagine. Don't have bermudas? We encourage you to go to your local thrift store and buy a pair of jeans and cut them yourself. You can click here for a link to a tutorial! This allows you the freedom to save money and scissor and rip away as much as your little heart desires.

Let’s talk about oversized t-shirts and fashionable socks. Oversized t-shirts can be another comfortable fashion statement. (Yes, fashion can be comfortable) If you have or find an oversized t-shirt, try to get creative with your outfit by cuffing the sleeves, cutting the t-shirt near the collar, or even the bottom hem of the t-shirt for a chic touch. Don't forget to recycle! Old t-shirts have multiple fashion uses if you do a bit of research and keep an eye out for patterns or prints on the t-shirts. Lauren's top was designed sheer but her t-shirt size is about 2x larger than her go-to size in order to have an oversized feel. On that note, we want to say keep sizes in mind too. If you're a small try wearing a large with a bralette, tank top, or over/under a dress to see how it looks. You may be surprised!

You can check out some ideas for "how to wear" and see design tutorials below!

Design Ideas:

  1. cutting the bottom hem

  2. cutting the collar off or adding shapes (i.e. deep v, squares, etc.)

  3. cutting off the sleeves aka tank top

  4. rolling the sleeves up

  5. the material/pattern of the shirt (i.e. sheer, floral, plaid, etc.)

  6. cut it down the middle from the bottom up (front or back) and stop at the middle of the shirt and tie a knot


5 T-Shirt Designs

3 Cut Designs

Sleeve Cutoff

Lastly, we have socks. Good news: socks are no longer used for the simple need of putting something on your feet so that you can wear sneakers; socks are now an accessory! There’s so much diversity when it comes to socks and we love how the perfect pair of socks provides the opportunity to express yourself with your personal touch. There's a "u" in outfit and from sheer socks and knee-highs to floral prints and polka-dots, the right style can add personality.

Challenge: Lauren is just like you and this week we encourage you to show your legs and cover your ankles. That's right; cut those jeans, grab a pair of socks, and try white tips on your eyelashes. Be sure to #andieandaj so we can see too!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

Find the look:

Shoes (Adidas)

Socks (PacSun)

Shorts (Levis)

Bralette(Urban Outfitters)

Top (Zara)



Mascara (Clinique)

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