Hey hey, beauties. We all have specific struggles when it comes to fashion and creating new looks, and there is one, in particular, we have all faced more than once in our lifetime; “that same outfit again?” Well, don’t you worry about repeating the same outfit over and over again anymore. TODAY A + A will showcase Drea’s look to show you how one single piece can be styled into three different outfits and even more, how to get the best out of your closet.

Drea is a beautiful Hispanic girl who believes that “nothing is a better accessory than confidence” and that is precisely what she is looking for when creating outfits that make her style shine. This photo shoot represents her inner self, and it brings out her minimalistic preferences.

A + A: tell us about your culture:

Drea:"I'm Hispanic through and through. My dad is Spanish, from a province called Galicia, and my mother is Dominican. Both my parents were raised in small towns for their infancy and then moved to Caracas, Venezuela around 6 or 8 years old. I was born in Vene but moved here when I was 5, so I'm a little bit of a mutt. Since my parents were raised so traditionally, I have the Hispanic morals and Latina character; but, being raised in the US made me a little more defiant. I'm a true millennial in my beliefs, leaning more towards the liberal sphere, but I see and appreciate old school. My home is very Latin, my roots are fiery, but I've branched myself out with the opportunities I've had here."

Selecting this one neutral piece is key. The piece? beige suede skort

Drea decided to go with a beige suede skort and portrait different styles for different occasions.


For her first look, we focused on providing a sporty casual look. We wanted to pair her skirt with a pair of Air Max's and luckily found this oversized sweater in her closet. Some days you wake up and want to pull on your favorite kicks and keep it movin...trust us, we know. To us, Drea's look is screaming minimalism with a pop of color and that just so happens to be how Drea would describe her style too!

A + A: 3 things that identify your style?:

Drea:"My style is Comfortable, above all else. Minimalist with accent pieces that pop out Emboldening, everything I wear makes me feel like the bad b**** I am, nothing is a better accessory than confidence!"

For her second look, we went with a long-sleeve button-down backwards for a simple but sexy look. The red sandals were the perfect accent to show off her beautiful legs and add even more color to her look. Remember red is one of our A + A Spring Colors as well as a color that speaks confidence.


"B R I G H T R E D - Honey, it’s time for passion to lead your day. This color represents P O W E R, and there is nothing more satisfying about power than being able to control YOUR life YOUR way. Red is the perfect color for enhancing your skin tone and delivering the perfect glow. For our fair to light kings and queens, we would suggest a warmer tone while those with golden to dark skin tones we would recommend brighter hues!"

A + A: how do you feel about fashion?:

Drea: "Fashion is incredible to me, I think it's a crucial part of intrinsic self image. A cute and comfortable knitted sweater can make anyone suddenly feel like a Brandy Melville model. Our clothes are our first impression, and they are the physical representation of our personalities. Regardless of what skin we live in, we can choose what we wear, so it's the best way to exude yourself without having to speak a single word."

And beauties, this third look is perfect for just kickin' it with the girls or a casual day out. This same skort allowed Drea to keep it comfortable by layering with a sweater over her shoulders and pairing it with a white graphic tee and monochrome Adidas.

CHALLENGE: Beauties, it's time for you to let the world know one of your problems has been solved. This week we challenge you to use these tips and create three different looks with one piece that you love. Incorporate different textures, different styles, and be inspired by the world and people around you! We want to see Y O U so be sure to use the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook! Also, go like, comment, and subcribe to our Youtube channel! And rememeber…

Shop wiser. Dress smarter. See beauty in diversity!

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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