BGS: Rub-In Challenges

A P R I L is almost over and we don't want you to miss out on what BGS has been doing to not only make you more aware but to make sure you're protecting your skin. Lupus, melanoma, and other skin conditions are real and you shouldn't let the media or anything else stop you from living your best life. Friends don’t let friends go out looking ghostly and F R I E N D, we got your back. Press play below for an up close and personal look at how BlackGirlSunscreen measures up against your go-to sunscreen...

Stay Moisturized + Protect Your Skin. Five words that carry so much literal meaning for your daily! For an even closer look at our series with BGS on Youtube click here and send us your questions, comments or concerns. We want to connect with you and help you feel confident and safe in your own skin.

...and for our day one's, if you're all caught up on our content, pay it forward by sharing what you know with others. #bgsxandieandaj

Till next week,

Andie & AJ

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