Meet Natasha.

They say Denim is back. But truth is, it’s been here all along...

You may have thought it hit it’s peak when Britney and Justin worked it back in the 90’s (may we never forget...) - but denim is a true American staple and it’s here to stay.

Denim was originally developed in the late 19th century and quickly became a necessity for the toughest of workers. It’s heavy-weight weave was and still is the perfect protection from the harsh conditions of working outdoors.

Today, our jeans come with a perfectly out-on-the-prairie distressed look without us ever having to wear them (our skin doesn’t need that kind of sun damage anyway), but our ties to this Americana classic haven’t faded (yeah, I said it).

For the last hundred years everything from mass market ready-to-wear lines and bespoke luxury brands have come out with denim pieces. This material has become a complete classic over the years and some of us can hardly live without our favorite pair. Whether we know it or not, every piece we rock is a nod to our history, work ethic and the hardship of our country’s roots.  

We love how the denim of today is a complete shape shifter. It can still be worn for the purpose that countrymen before us intended, or morph into the perfect piece to wear to drinks with the crew, dancing all night at an underground club, or strolling the day away at a local market. Whether you like dark or light wash, faded, ripped or patched jeans (or all of the above!) there is no doubt you will find a style that suits you.

The last selvaged denim factory in America has closed so you’ll definitely find us on the hunt for the perfect pieces of gold left out there in our local thrift shops. We just love how second hand jeans are *super affordable*, much higher quality and can so easily be tailored, cropped or distressed to better suit our bodies, needs and style.

In this week’s shoot we had a blast playing up the nostalgia with lovely Natasha who was completely down to recreate this modernized homage to True Blue American denim. We played with proportions by pairing her distressed cropped denim jacket with her killer high-waist mom jeans. To stay true to the vibe we went monochrome (they are called blue jeans, after all) but made sure the washes of the denim didn’t match perfectly in order to give definition to each unique piece. We just love how these jeans make her legs go for dayyysss and cuffed the tapered ankles to show off those camel wood heeled boots (yass!). We kept the color palette simple and it gave us plenty of room to experiment with texture, something denim definitely doesn’t lack. To balance the heavy duty feel of the denim pieces we added a soft topaz blouse that shows some skin and contrasts with its light and breezy feel. The deep neckline is accentuated with stacked necklaces that subtly complement her boots and add a playful touch to a outfit that isn’t here to mess around.  

Challenge: Check out your local thrift shop for some great selvaged Made in America denim. Think about sending it to a tailor to get the absolute perfect fit (trust us, a professional is worth it!). If you want to give your jeans or denim jacket a softer feel and break them in faster soak overnight in one part vinegar one part water and wash in the morning. This process helps relax the tight weave and protect the color from fading. Be inspired and share your creativity with us by using the hashtag #andieandaj on Instagram or Facebook.

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Andie & AJ 

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