Meet Daniela.

This darling is wearing an ensemble from a few of our favorite retail stores. We love it when we can pull simple or basic pieces from our closet and convert them into a stylish look. Notice how those little details such as the distressed top, fashionable socks, jeans made into shorts, and safety pins for your sleeves will have you not only looking but feeling like a gem. Even adding accessories like a choker necklace, earrings, arm cuff, black hat and a crossbody or backpack will not only compliment but complete your look.

Okay, so how can you get this look? Well, we wanted to keep it neutral and with that in mind, colors like brown, gray, and black tend to pair well with metallic hues (i.e. gold, silver, or bronze). So first, we looked in her closet and found a few pieces: a brown sweater, black shorts, and silver accessories.

Let's pause here, we are happy to say that the shorts were converted from jeans. So next time you go thrifting or are about to throw away those old jeans---think shorter. Convert 'em.

Next we headed to accessories and shoes. Silver was the winner and we wanted to keep her wrists free, so we went with an arm cuff, basic silver stud earrings, and a necklace. We also added a little heel with a sock for a sexy yet unique feel. For the bags, we were kind of torn so we wanted to show two different alternatives. Backpacks are a great way to go if you're looking for comfort, while a sequined crossbody that also turns into a fanny pack, is great for convenience and style.

One last thing: ever had those pairs of jeans or sweaters that someway-somehow always get hooked onto your watch, ring, and/or bracelet? Well, we do and we know how annoying that can be. So, what do you do about it? Rule of thumb for us is the less distressed, the less stress. Daniela's sweater was designed distressed but don't be afraid to be frugal, thrift, and make rips of your own (See Distressed Tutorial Video Here). Tip: make sure you add distress in the right locations---meaning place them in spots that your hands seem to come in contact with the least (see image below). Your sweater will thank you later.

Challenge: Daniela is just like you and we encourage each of our readers to broaden their idea of what neutral colors and metallic hues can do to complement their physique. This week try finding a few safety pins, rolling those sleeves up and adding the pins to keep the sleeve and cuff together. Take photos and be sure to use the hashtag #andieandaj so that we can see your creativity!

Till next week,


Find the look:

Sweater, backpack, boots and hat (Urban Outfitters)

Earrings, choker and crossbody (Forever 21)

Socks (American Apparel)

Shorts (Goodwill or Levi's)

Arm cuff

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