Fashion with AJ & The quarterrican.

It's an unfortunate fact that the people and communities most negatively impacted by representation in the fashion industry are those of color. However, the industry has the potential to be a huge catalyst for change. As the sustainable fashion movement continues to gain momentum, the demand for true representation and inclusion rises alongside it. We believe that the intersection of inclusivity and sustainability can foster a positive global future.

The FAQs panel served as a safe space for those curious about how sustainability can be a part of their lives and how the movement can continue to be more inclusive. All people participate in fashion in some way shape or form and we want to pass the mic with the conscious, curious and creative here in Boston as a stepping stone to progress. The quarterrican moderated a panel focused on how we can all encourage brands to be intentional not only with what they produce but, additionally, who wears it.

Sustainability & Inclusion Panel

FAQ: How can the sustainable fashion industry become more inclusive?

Pop-Up Shop & Clothing Swap

To further our efforts, we also hosted a pop-up shop and clothing swap. Our shop has apparel from local thrift shops and serves as a way for participants to shop secondhand and practice sustainability. Our vision is to build community and curate an environment of sustainable intention and creative awareness.

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