Our magic began with muses as a way to encourage sustainability and recognize the beauty in diversity. We love fashion, but we're concerned about its impact on the environment and society. The fact is the people and communities most negatively impacted by representation in the fashion industry are those of color. However, this industry has the shown potential to be a catalyst for change and we would say as the sustainable movement continues to gain momentum, the demand for true representation and inclusion is rising alongside it. 

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Our platform was curated to inspire you and help you get the most out of your closet through our

online thrift shopblogs, and events. 


Know that fashion is what we love, but people are what we're about and our vision was to empower perspective and encourage daily practices of inclusion, sustainability and self-care. 




Originally from Miami, I'm a globe trotter that has traveled to 19 countries and counting who loves to eat, travel, and immerse myself in cultures. I am Dominican & Nicaraguan y soy orgullosa de ser Latina and Spanglish is the official language in which I express myself best. I am constantly being inspired by fashion that is found in the city through different colors, textures, cultures, and faces. I love how you can give a group of people the same piece and each individual person will do something entirely different with it! To me, fashion is connected to the soul and simply an outward expression of what’s on the inside. @andrialinnette


Born and raised in Miami, I've been surrounded by diversity and needed to feel and see more of that in pop-culture. As we've grown, I realized that I wanted to create experiences where people could feel recognized and included. When I'm not working you can usually catch me at home. In bed. Because I love my space, plants and saving money. If i'm not in my room, I may be with my love cruising to spotify, hanging with the girls or at the movies solo. All in all, I'm a woman of color who believes representation matters. I believe in using the "everyday person" to inspire the "everyday person" and hope our magic inspires you to see the beauty and color in the world. @theajdunlap


I’m a New York native, but a wanderlust at heart. I lovee to listen to music and my favorite moments are usually when my headphones are in and I’m relaxing while perusing Pinterest. I have a passion for fashion and a large affinity for vintage things and I always have! I basically grew up going to thrift stores and finding different ways to recreate old decades. I also love vintage photography, I have a 1970 Canon AE1 that I love to bring out on fun adventures, it puts the perfect flair on photos! @victoriariquier


I’m Lo. Crazy lil Cuban, Italian curly headed goofball. Known to be tiny but fiery. I’m obsessed with ALL things nature. Trees and sky will win my attention over pretty much anything. I wish you could hear me when I’m around my friends or even alone, freaking out about the wonders of creation. I also love colors, and patterns. Sometimes I’m a walking piñata, but somehow I pull it off. I definitely don’t follow the “rules of fashion”. I wear what I want with confidence. I’m a pretty funky gal, a peacemaker, a lover, a comedian, an artist in many forms (singer, painter, creator). I spend most of my time listening to r&b. There's a lot to my personality – but if I had to leave you with one thing, it would be to choose love as much as possible. Love heals, restores, blesses and wins every time. @laurenmion


I’m Aviar, an intelligent, expressive, creative, diverse, and gender fluid person. Describing myself is something I often have difficulty in, being that I consider myself to have many aspects to my character. In brief, my wide range of interests encompass, but are not limited to— spirituality, religion, religious history, fashion, nature, homeopathy, immunology, astrology, food, culture, yoga, and health and wellness. I constantly strive to be the best version of myself that I possibly can be, and to inspire others in the process. @s.he.aviar

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